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There's a smart reason practicing clinicians choose Med-Challenger for their career exam review, MOC and CME needs.

Read our fun graphic story and learn the serious benefits of Med-Challenger.

Med-Challenger - leading medical education for over 25 years.
Med-Challenger really works.
Med-Challenger board review highest pass rate.
Take care of recurring MOC and CME requirements.
See if you're ready to pass the boards.

We could tout our expertise.

We could tout our pass-rates.

We could tout our clients' success.

But, let's get to the real story...

Why choose us?

Because of these guys.

Your recurring career requirements.
"You want the boards? You can't handle the boards!"
Why choose med-challenger for board review
"Heh, ya didn't know that changed last year, did ya hotshot?"
Old Man Info
Why choose med-challenger for state cmeWhy choose med-challenger for specialized cme
Why choose med-challenger for annual MOCWhy choose med-challenger for new clinical information

They mean well.
Testing you. Driving you. Poking you.
Scaring you.

But yeah..
They can be a pain to take care of.

Take Jenny and Marco's story.

Why choose med-challenger - fun graphic story explains the benefits.

She's an NP.
He's a physician.
Happily married. Short on time.
Pretty tired. Pretty stressed.

They'd love to find more free time,

Here they come again.

Recurring Requirements!
Annual MOC requirements.
Specialized CMEs. Board exams.
Updates to guidelines and best practices.

(They pop up all the time.)

We're baaack!

Med-Challenger is the choice for specialized cme creditsMed-Challenger is the choice for convenient CMEMed-Challenger is the choice for board reviewMed-Challenger is the choice for state required cmeMed-Challenger is the choice for annual MOC requirements

How will Jenny and Marco ever get more time for themselves?

Fulfill annual moc requirementsEarn specialized CME creditsFulfill annual state cme requirementsStay up-to-date with the new clinical information updates
Choose Med-Challenger.  It's free to try.

They got Med-Challenger.

One online account each.
Added anything they needed.

Jenny got her annually-required NP Pharmacology CEs and a stroke CME course she needed for side work at a stroke center. She went back later and added an ENP review for next year's AAENP certification exam. That asset also satisfied her recurring CNE requirements for the whole year.

Marco used his CME budget and got both EM and IM board reviews because he's double-boarded.  Each course was loaded with handy CME credits.  He added ABEM LLSA review for every year and a renewing state-required CME course because he works at locations across state lines.

Then, whenever they wanted...

cme surprises
MOC pain
Clinical guideline changes
Earn state cme credits easily

Score higher on board exams

"Dude. I got aced."

"I got earned quick!"

"Well, check me off again."

"Whoo, they up to date!"

Talk about fulfillment!


No requirements were harmed in the making of this presentation.
*Our online courses do not shoot lasers, but they do get the job done - fast and easy, from anywhere, on any device.

Jenny and Marco conquered them all

and saved a ton of time and energy.
Now they have an elegant solution
in hand for their career.

But their success story doesn't end there!

It's just beginning.

Here's the twist.

Med-Challenger lifetime benefits.

They'll never have to re-buy anything.
Their assets are useful forever.
That's the best part.

They just renew their Premium Membership.

Our Super Renewal Advantage

You'll never have to re-buy assets ever again!

Instead of wasting time and money every year, we have a better plan -
One-time purchasing and a single low cost Premium Membership super-renewal!
Purchase products at regular price ONCE. Add items at any time. (You'll never pay full price again!)
Get a FULL YEAR of use with every purchase. After that, simply RENEW your Premium Membership when the time comes.
Only $199 / year renews access to ALL of your purchased Med-Challenger assets for another full year of use.
We keep everything current and ready at all times, even adding new materials to annual MOC subscription products.
No more re-buys! No more worries. Enjoy everything you need, on-demand, every year - for less.
Best career education plan for clinicians

At last..

Jenny and Marco found a simple, smart, convenient, and
lasting way to conquer what their careers require - for life.

Why choose Med-Challenger?

They invested wisely.
Got exactly what's needed.
Enjoy an array high-yield assets.
Save time & money every year.
And, no more pain - ever again.

Now, they can finally relax.

(They sent us a postcard.)
physician nurse quality of life

And those guys?
They're not so annoying anymore.

Tired of scrambling without a real plan?
Tired of lost time and wasted energy?
Tired of recurring high costs?
Do what Jenny and Marco did.
You'll see...

For right now, this year, and every year after

With Med-Challenger, it's well in hand.

1) Create your one account.

2) Purchase course assets once at standard price.

Once you purchase an asset, it will be in your account forever. No more re-buys.

New purchases include a full year of Premium account access.

When your initial year of access expires...

3) Renew your account once a year for just $199.

You'll get access to EVERYTHING in your account - with updates - for another year!

You'll need it. You'll use it. You'll love it.

We had some fun with this example of how Med-Challenger really is the best option for your ongoing career needs, but we're dead serious when it comes to medical education, our online course content and services, and the professional education needs of today's healthcare providers.

We're much more than just quality medical education courses, we're lasting protection for your ongoing practice - and your quality of life.

Choose the best products. Choose the best plan.

Choose Med-Challenger.

Get started now.

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