Ultrasound Skills Review Course

Med-Challenger Emergency Ultrasound

Online ultrasound review course with video, diagrams, 3-D animations, interactive multimedia, presentations, and Q&A.

  • Useful for primary and acute care practitioners as well as ARDMS certification exam preparation
  • Recognize sonographic findings in acutely ill or injured patients
  • Describe how physics affects sonographic images and will be able to identify the artifacts that are encountered while images are being obtained
  • Describe how to detect hemoperitoneum, pericardial effusion, hemothorax, solid organ injury, pericardial tamponade, and document asystole using ultrasound and more
  • Over 100 board-style emergency ultrasound practice questions
  • Video segments, diagrams, 3-D animations, interactive multimedia, and presentations
  • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation
  • Great for personal review or group training program education
Ultrasound Review Course

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Med-Challenger Emergency Ultrasound
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Med-Challenger Emergency Ultrasound
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ultrasound skills review
“Great for anyone studying to use ultrasound or improve their knowledge of ultrasound techniques.”T. Kendrick, MD

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Master EM Ultrasound Principles & Techniques with the #1 Online Ultrasound Skills Review Course.

  • Everything you need to know.
    • Written & peer-reviewed by medical specialists
    • Case-based questions
    • Detailed answers and explanations
    • Bite-sized topic-based learning segments
    • Clinical texts and media banks
    • Media banks featuring video segments, diagrams, 3-D animations, interactive multimedia, & presentations
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  • ultrasound skills review

Content & Questions

Med-Challenger offers the most exam-focused content and review questions.

Over 100

Emergency Ultrasound Table of Contents

Introduction to EM Ultrasound
Physics & Orientation
The Trauma Exam
The Right Upper Quadrant Exam
Examining the Aorta
The Renal Exam
The Cardiac Exam
The Pelvic Exam
Lower Extremity Venous Exam
Sonographic Guidance of Procedures

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