Ultrasound Skills Review

Ultrasound Principles, Techniques, & Guided Procedures

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Ultrasound Skills Review

EM Ultrasound

Ultrasound Skills Review, Med-Challenger Emergency Ultrasound


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  • Be able to recognize sonographic findings in acutely ill or injured patients
  • Be able to describe the sonographic and anatomic components of the emergency and trauma ultrasound exam
  • Illustrate the sonographic appearance of pathology encountered during an emergency and trauma ultrasound exam
  • Describe how physics affects sonographic images and will be able to identify the artifacts that are encountered while images are being obtained
  • Describe available ultrasound technologies
  • Describe standard patient positioning, image orientation and labeling
  • Describe how to detect hemoperitoneum, pericardial effusion, hemothorax, solid organ injury, pericardial tamponade, and document asystole using ultrasound
  • Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and cognitive skills required to achieve objectives 1-9 by scoring at least 80% on all topics studied for CME credit

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Ultrasound Question Topics

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Skills Review Table of Contents

Introduction to EM Ultrasound
Physics & Orientation
The Trauma Exam
The Right Upper Quadrant Exam
Examining the Aorta
The Renal Exam
The Cardiac Exam
The Pelvic Exam
Lower Extremity Venous Exam
Sonographic Guidance of Procedures
Med-Challenger EM Ultrasound Skills Review


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