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"Comprehensive questions, good explanations, and review features! Everything I need! CME is an added bonus."C. Ramirez, MD
"10 years ago I used Med-Challenger in order to prep for my first ABEM ConCert exam since having finished residency. I then purchased a lifetime membership. I figured it would motivate me to review and prep regularly during the next ten years until I would need to take the exam again. No big surprise, I got busy with life and never came back to it...until 10 years had flown by and I was facing the exam again. What a relief to find that my account was still active. I used Med-Challenger and recently passed again. Thank you for an excellent product. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a convenient method to prepare for this otherwise very daunting exam. Thanks again!"M. Gelman, MD
"Med-Challenger makes the process of acquiring CME credits simpler. Instead of finding programs to piecemeal bit by bit, it is all in one place and I can focus my time and attention there."K. Davidson, MD
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"What are my favorite features? Several! Explanations of answers, right or wrong, on my own time, cost effective, & constantly updated content. I highly recommend this product to my colleagues. "D. Pulsipher, MD
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"EM PRO is absolutely the best purchase I've ever made for my ongoing practice needs. Wow. What a deal."Andrea Eberly, MD, FAAEM
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"Just aced the ABEM ConCert exam. Big thanks to y'all."Dan Thomas, MD
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"Love the control over my students' activities. No more data goosechases and scores are way up!"Nancy Porter, MD, Program Manager
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