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About Med-Challenger CD-ROMs and offline use.

Times have changed.  Everything is online now at

Back in 1991, Med-Challenger was first distributed for personal computer use - "pre-Internet as we know it" - on 48 floppy discs.  It was quite the install, but it was the first medical knowledge self-assessment and physician exam review program for personal computers.  It was the beginning of our rich history in personal medical education.

Later, software for Macs and Window PCs each required their own codebase, so hybrid CDs became the standard for program installation.  At the time, local installation was still the accepted norm and online access was more a novel new option.

Even if you downloaded and installed our CD courseware, use required a web browser as it does today.

The subsequent development of our own responsive online platform along with the standardization of web-based technologies, including web browsers, and the increased bandwith of phone carriers (today's "no-internet" access), Med-Challenger, in early 2017, stopped production and support for all CD/DVD or "offline viewer" versions of our courseware.

All content now works - and stays up-to-date - online, across all operating systems, browsers, and devices.  Yay.

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Figure: Med-Challenger continues to evolve as medicine and education technologies do too.

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