Troubleshooting - Assignments

Assignments, Assignment Management, Notification Issues

This article contains solutions to multiple troubleshooting issues regarding Assignments.

Assignees are not receiving assignment notification emails

If assignees in your program report that the assignment emails are not being received, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your program email server is rejecting the assignment emails.
  2. The emails are delivered to the recipient’s Spam or Junk folder instead of the Inbox.
  3. The recipient has more than one email address.

Solution for Reason #1

If your email server is blocking the assignment emails, please have your program’s IT or email administrator white-list the following domains:


The sender for the assignment emails is:

"Whitelisting" tells your program network (firewall) that emails from our online system are cleared by security to come through.

Emails may still be getting auto-filtered by spam or junk mail protection apps. 

Solution for Reason #2

Advise the assignees to check for the assignment emails in their spam or junk email folder. If the recipient’s email application can be configured to block or allow senders, be sure that the sender is allowed.

Solution for Reason #3

Verify that the email address for the recipient’s account (email address account) is the one that the recipient is checking. They might be mistakenly using (or expecting emails to be sent to) the wrong account.  It happens.

Assignment on calendar goes to different part of the course than expected

Assignments will remain visible on the calendar even after an older course has been removed.

Remember, assignments can only be made in the current courses and are only accessible for those courses currently in the Med-Challenger account.

I made an assignment last year, but I don’t see it on my calendar

Assignments Require Active Courses

Only Assignments made with active courses within your accounts will display in the assignments calendar.  "Active" meaning assigned content is inside a course available in your account.

For instance, if was work assigned (and completed) in a prior year’s course and that year's course assets have since been removed from your account or otherwise changed due to new course edition releases or custom curriculum changes, that assignment will no longer be visible in the assignments calendar.

However, You can see all prior assigned work in your Program Reports.  Use date ranges.

We protect and save your processed work - so we can give you anything you need.

Learner has scored an assignment, but it shows as incomplete

Scoring vs. Completing

Making a score (simply attempting the assignment) is not "completion" as defined in dashboards and calendars.  "I did it." may not be enough.  Your learner may have not met the score required, scored within times allowed, or scored a passing grade after a final due date.

What constitutes "completion?"

In order for any assignment to turn green and be deemed "complete," the THREE conditions below must be met.

  1. The assignment must be completed by the "Due Date" that was set by the Program Manager.
  2. The Learner must meet or exceed the passing score that was set by the Program Manager.
  3. The Assignment must be fulfilled within the "Effective to Due Date" range.

If any of these conditions are not met, the Assignment will not display as complete (compliant with designated schedule and effectiveness of use.)

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