Getting Started - Video - Administrators & Groups

Learn how to get started using your online Med-Challenger account.
Getting Started Video for Med-Challenger Program Administrators and Group Users

Tools for Program Administrators

Set and assign required tasks and track compliance and performance across your group - quickly and easily.

Create & Manage Assignments

Create assignments for your group.  Assign out-of-the-box adaptive assessments, board exam sims, chapter (rotational) tests, topics, or create your own custom exams and assign them.

Use our content or create your own questions - even combine the two in your custom exams for precise education per your objectives.

Name your groups or cohorts as you wish.  Manage group member accounts (slots) online.

Track Assignment Activity

Track assignment activity, compliance and performance.  Assignments issued to multiple group members will group data for quick analysis of who's done well and who has not.  You can then explore the exact areas of weakness revealed by the assigned assessment per user.

Track User Activity

Explore each group member's assignment history and performance, including completion of course assets in general.

Track Course Activity

Explore the completion of a specific asset (course) by your group members. 

Group Medical Education, Med-Challenger Dashboard, MOC, CME
Group Medical Education, Med-Challenger Dashboard, MOC, CME

Tools for Your Group Members

Every member of your group can get their required tasks done - quickly and easily.


My assigned work to do.

Your group will see a Work button (ahead of Study) if they have been assigned tasks.  Group members can easily access and complete assignments, improving the timeliness of compliance.

Using Assets, Med-Challenger Dashboard, Earn CME


Access comprehensive board exam simulations and other built-in adaptive exams from your account assets. Access your custom exam builder and more.


Access CME credit topic segments and complete CME assessments for credit. Dial up your assets and CME type and get it done.


Enjoy weekly Quick Quiz CME games and earn free CME credit. Rank against peers. Top the leaderboard!


Stay informed with news & information valuable to your ongoing knowledge and career practice requirements.

Using Assets, Med-Challenger Dashboard, Earn CME

There are more tutorials and support guides on using each of these components in the main support menu.

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