Free CME Quick Quiz User Guide

How to play the Med-Challenger Quick Quiz and Earn CME credit

About the Quick Quiz & How to Play

Challenger's Quick Quiz is the longest running FREE online clinical knowledge quiz.  Thousands of clinicians play each month.  It's a 100% FREE way to gain a dose of clinical review, sample the latest clinical information and new content, and otherwise demonstrate your clinical knowledge dominance!

Notice: The Quick Quiz has been significantly enhanced.  We recommend you clear your Internet browser's cache once in order to fully enjoy the new experience.

How to Play

To play, you must have a Challenger online account at

Sign up and play is 100% free.  No credit card required to make an account.

If you don't have an account, create one free now.  

Upon Quick Quiz registration, you'll be taken to the Quick Quiz main list.

Alternatively, once you have logged in to your account, you can access the Quick Quiz via a "Quick Quiz" element in your "My Dashboard" or by selecting "Free CME Quick Quiz" under Courses in your main menu.

If you already have an account, you may be prompted to add a "Gaming Alias" to your account's profile.  This "alias" allows some anonymity to your game play (um, keep it classy, please.)

Once you have logged in, you can access the Quick Quiz via a "Quick Quiz" element in your "My Dashboard" (shown below) or by selecting "Free CME Quick Quiz" under Courses in your main menu.

Every NEW account starts with access to five (5) free Quick Quizzes.  About every week or so, we'll add a new Quick Quiz to the active five.  The oldest quiz will drop off the QQ list when the new quiz is added.

When a new quiz is added, a highlight on "My Dashboard" will appear for fast access to the newest quiz.

Click "All Quick Quizzes" to return to the Quick Quiz active list.

How It Works

Active quizzes will be listed on the Quick Quiz main page -and- on your "Quick Quiz" My Dashboard tab (below).

free cme quick quiz user guide mobile

Click the "Take" button to open a quiz to begin.

Instructions are given before each quiz.

When ready, click the "Start Quick Quiz" button.

free cme quick quiz user guide start

NOTE: Only your FIRST attempt is used in rankings.  Additional attempts can be made, but will not overwrite your initial rank.

When you start any Quick Quiz, a timer starts.  You'll be presented with Q&A to move through as quickly as possible.  Quick Quizzes offer .25 to 1 AMA Category 1 CME and ANCC CNE credits depending on Q&A counts and remediation length.

NOTETo help speed you from question to question during a Quick Quiz, when you select an answer option, the selected answer will quickly highlight and you will then be automatically forwarded to the next Q&A.  When all Q&A have been answered, you'll be asked to "score" or "go back" and change any answer.  Next and Previous question buttons will be available.

When you score your quiz, you'll be presented with a rank, time, and points. Your average rank, CME earned totals, all-time high score will update. Averages refer only to the current 5 quizzes.

When a new quiz is ready, we'll send you a notification email with a link to the NEW quiz.  You'll also be informed whenever a new quiz is available on your Dashboard when you log in.

About Rankings

Rankings are based on "points" which are calculated by a combination of score (% correct), number of quiz Q&A, and time taken.  Only your FIRST attempt will register on leaderboards.

Global "average rank" per user is based on the average rank across all currently active quizzes.

free cme quick quiz user guide rankings

Each quiz provides its own ranking list as well. 

Regular personal account holders will be ranked against other individuals.  Gaming "aliases" will be used instead of actual names in these rankings.

free cme quick quiz user guide leaderboard

NOTE: If your account is part of a group program (academic or corporate institution), you will be ranked ONLY against others in your organization. Only participants from your group will register in rankings and averages.

Group program administrators will find a special "Quick Quiz Data" tab in their Program Dashboard (go to My Program) which will display the ranking for all active quizzes.  This "program users" listing includes actual names, class designations, and access to assessment details for each user (so you can review what your learners answered.)

In all, the Quick Quiz is a great way to add a quick dose of fun peer-to-peer competition to your group - and a way to reward your top performers!

About Review and CME

The Quick Quiz is to test existing knowledge, but we provide review materials after your initial attempt.

After your first attempt, "practice" or "review" modes will display when you retry a quick quiz.  Practice and Review modes allow you to read answers and detailed answer explanations.  You can review the Q&A and retake the quiz assessment again to improve your score.  You must achieve a score of 80% or better on a quiz to qualify for CME credit.

Additionally, you can also review the details of your attempt to see what you answered, the correct answers, and remediation) as you can any standard Challenger CME assessment.

If you score 80% of better, you can claim (or accrue for claiming later) the CME credit provided by each quiz.  You can retake any quiz in order to achieve an 80% or better.  Active Premium Membership is required to produce CME certificates.

Regarding past scores...only 5 active quizzes will be available at any time.  However, all Quick Quiz attempts are essentially "assessment attempts" and therefore performance data has been recorded to your account.

To find any historical "in-portal" quick quiz results (assessment outcome details from quizzes no longer active) see your assessment histories, activity logs, or CME claims area.

Feedback and Abuse

If you wish to give feedback on a specific Q&A, use the "report question" button in Practice and Review modes or Prescriptive reports that show how you answered along with the answer explanations.

If a user's gaming alias is inappropriate or for any other dubious activity noticed, you can report it via the "Report Abuse" link atop leaderboards.

Abuse may result in your removal of Quick Quiz play.

Need additional support?

If you are still having problems, you can request support from a live support representative.

Request Support

If your request is received when our offices are closed, a response will be provided the next available business day we are open.

We can also be contacted by phone at 800-676-0822, Option 2, during regular business hours (8 AM - 5 PM Central Time, Monday - Friday excepting holidays.)

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