CME - Claiming CME, How to Claim CME Credit

How to claim your earned CME credits.

PLEASE NOTE: An active Premium membership is required in order to claim/process CME credits.  You can purchase a yearly membership here.

If you have earned CME credit - you can claim it whenever you want.  You earned it, so you can claim it.


You do not have to claim every single CME credit individually.

Our platform allows you continually accrue CME credit earnings until you need a CME certificate.  Then you can produce whatever you need.

Certificates will include the aggregate the total amount of CME you've claimed onto a single certificate per course title.

Topics will be listed and the CME credit value earned.  This makes it easy to specifically claim (prove) special credit earnings.

While any number of credits may be processed, we highly recommend accumulating earned CME credits before processing.  It is not necessary to claim each credit individually, after each credit is earned or even after each online session. If you earned it, it will be ready to claim per CME provider guidelines, typically for three years.  All earned, unclaimed credits will remain visible in your account for up to 3 years with an active Premium membership.

Claiming CME Credits

1. On the left menu, click/select CME Credits, then Claim CME.  From your dashboard, select Earn > Claim CME Credits.

2. Select the type of CME desired from the CME Type drop down menu if other than AMA Category 1 (this is the default). NOTE: Your course may only offer one type of credit.

If your course provides a different type of credit, you may select it from the drop down list (for example, the Med-Challenger EM course provides both AMA Category 1 credit and ACEP credit).

3. To claim ALL credits earned, click the topmost checkbox on the right - this will automatically select all credits available.

Note: If work was completed in different courses, one PDF will be generated that may contain multiple certificates from all courses selected when using this method.

You may also manually select specific topics and amounts of CME to process if preferred by selecting the individual check boxes.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click/tap the Claim 'XX' number of CME button

5. A preview certificate will be generated. Please make sure your name is the way you desire it to be listed (if it is not, click Cancel, go to your Profile and update your Display Name). If it is, click Generate Certificate at the bottom of the page.

6. If possible, complete the Optional Evaluation and Feedback Form.

Once completed, scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

7. When the process has finished, a Success! message will appear.

8. To view, download or print your certificate, click the Claimed tab then Open (if you have a long list, click the Date title to sort the claims by date claimed, year earned or Credits. See figure A):

Figure A - sort by Date Claimed

Click Open to view

CME Claims FAQ's

What type of CME credits do you provide?

We maintain CME accreditations for AMA Category 1 credits and other credit types.  These accreditations are subject to change, but we store and allow processing.  We are not responsible for transmission of your CME certificates to your MOC authority.  We do however give you a flexible way to produce your own CME certificates as you need them.

We're accredited to provide many types of credits, state-required, and many specialty society credit types such as...

  • AMA Category 1
  • AAFP Prescribed credit
  • AAPA credit
  • ACEP credit
  • AAP credit
  • ANCC CNE credit
  • ABP MOC Part II
  • ABIM MOC Points
  • State-required CME

I submitted for CME credits across multiple courses, but it only produced a single PDF?

Yes, but there are likely multiple certificates in that one file.  You can save or print the specific pages of your PDF for submission to your MOC authority.  Every claim is more or less a single "action" wherein a group of earned credits are claimed and certificate(s) are produced.

If you claim multiple CME credits across multiple course titles, your single PDF will include multiple certificates, one for each course with the appropriate number of CME credits claimed for that course.  Under each "certificate" within your PDF claim document, you'll find the topic items included in that course's certificate.

Do you submit CME claims automatically to MOC authorities?

Claims for ABP MOC 2 credits ONLY involve a special processing route through Med-Challenger that reports claims directly to the ABP on your behalf.

Otherwise, no. CME certificates are not sent to or recorded by official credentialing bodies automatically.  End users are always responsible for submitting certificates and verifying their compliance status.

We are developing additional services in this area as the technical abilities of academies and societies allow. Unfortunately, today, there is currently no consensus across accrediting bodies as to a universal, uniform process of CME data transmission.

Need additional support?

If you are still having problems, you can request support from a live support representative.

Request Support

If your request is received when our offices are closed, a response will be provided the next available business day we are open.

We can also be contacted by phone at 800-676-0822, Option 2, during regular business hours (8 AM - 5 PM Central Time, Monday - Friday excepting holidays.)

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