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Premium Membership - Your Renewal Advantage Explained

Med-Challenger Premium Membership is essentially an account status that keeps all of your Med-Challenger medical education purchases up to date and available for use online from anywhere, anytime year after year.

With active Premium Membership, you can use all purchased content assets and all platform learning tools within your account.  One year of access (Premium Membership) is automatically included in all Med-Challenger initial purchases.

If your Med-Challenger access expires (Premium Membership expires), access to purchased content and Premium features will be unavailable.   However, you can still access our free content and self-assessment components.  Basically, without Premium status, your account reverts to a "freemium" version.

Online Renewal of Premium Membership renews access to EVERYTHING you own for another full year!  Renewal includes all subscription annual content additions and ongoing updates.

This "renewal advantage" is just other reason Med-Challenger is the best solution for practicing healthcare professionals seeking to ace exams, fulfill continuing education requirements, and more every year.  Only $199/yr!

No more full price re-buys!  No more last minute scrambles.  No more wasted time.

With Premium Membership, your Med-Challenger investments keep working for you - year after year!

Premium Membership Video

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