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State Required CME

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State-Required CME Question Topics

Addiction Medicine
Opiate Toxicity
Procedural Sedation: Adult
Procedural Sedation – Pediatric
Pain Management: Acute Pain
Pain Management: Chronic Pain
Anesthesia for Obstetrics I, II, III
Anesthesia in Critical Care Medicine I, II, III
Anesthesia Pharmacology I, II, III
Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology I, II, III
General Surgical Anesthesia I, II, III
Management of Malignant Pain
Neurosurgical Anesthesia I, II, III
The Operating Room & Anesthesia Machine I, II, III
Bioterror and WMDs
Emerging Threats and Future Biological Weapons
Disaster Preparedness
Glanders and Melioidosis
Q Fever
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
T-2 Mycotoxins
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
Child Abuse
Sexual Assault – Pediatric
Clinical Decision-making
Establishing Rapport
Fundamentals of Culturally Competent Care
Relationship-Centered Care
Speaking of Culturally Competent Care
Structuring Culturally Competent Care
Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
Domestic Violence Against Women
End of Life Care: Acute Care
End of Life Care: General Care
Elder Abuse
Elder Mistreatment
Geriatrics: Assessment I, II
Geriatric Trauma
Geriatrics: Depression
Geriatrics: Falls
Geriatrics: Gait Impairment
Geriatrics: Medical Conditions
Geriatrics: Pharmacotherapy I, II
Geriatrics: Special Problems of the Elderly I, II
Geriatrics: The Elder Patient: Acute Care
Geriatrics: Urinary Incontinence
Public Health: The Aging Population
Chronic Diseases Caused by Infectious Agents I, II
HIV and Pregnancy
Infectious Disease Emergencies
Prevention of Infectious Diseases
Hospital Infection Control Bundles
Medical Law I, II
Patient Safety
Prevention of Cancer and the Role of Lifestyle Modification
Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke
Diet and Prevention
Prevention of Infectious Disease
Child Safety
Exercise and Prevention
Clinical Decision-making
Guidelines in Emergency Medicine
The Family Physician
Wellness, Stress, and the Impaired Physician
Medical Error Prevention I, II
Risk Prevention
Guidelines in Emergency Medicine
Wellness, Stress, and the Impaired Physician
Sexual Assault
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