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resident education - Institutional - Medical Education and Clinical Training Platform for Medical Residency Programs

Designed Specifically for Clinical Medical Training

Med-Challenger offers so much more than just a question bank for your students, residents, and fellows. Challenger is both an LMS and an LCMS. Our platform was designed from the ground up specifically for the unique characteristics of clinical medical training.

We knew from the moment we began our platform design that academic medical was the most complex learning environment in education, with overwhelming complexity in curriculum and clinical rotations.

In designing an LMS for medical institutions, we incorporated PGYs, cohorts, and rotations. We built both assignment-based learning and self-directed study into the program. We built in student / faculty communication about assignments. We created management reporting for faculty and administration. We made baseline exams and simulations to provide student progress, to catch outliers - even at the topic level - and provide remediation for them.

We added other tools like custom exam building, prescriptive learning for self-directed student use, exam simulators, testing and knowledge assessments all the way to blueprint-based subtopic structures.

And from the first, we’ve listened to our customers and incorporated their insights and first hand expertise into academic medical training into our LMS and LCMS.

If you are considering a medical LMS for your institution, we’d like you to consider Med-Challenger.

Residencies Covered

Challenger offers review and teaching courses precisely aligned to content blueprints, suitable for rotation, ITE, and certification review. Our content is maintained by author teams, and updated as the blueprint or standards of care change. We offer courses in:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • OB/GYN and Women’s Health
  • Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine - Pediatrics (Med-Peds)
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Except for Pediatric Emergency Medicine, a course jointly produced with the authors of the PEMQBook, all courses have easy, SaaS style pricing, with options for monthly or annual payments.

Just $13 per user, per month, regardless of program size. Users can be added or removed with ease. There are no contract provisions, there is no hassle.

Flexible and affordable, Challenger is the only medical LMS to make this kind of offer.

For Pediatric Emergency Medicine, the course price is $18 per user, per month.

Trustworthy Study Materials

Building and curating reliable, accurate course material is the foundation of Challenger. That’s where we started and we’ve never strayed. Over years, we’ve built the tools, processes, and talents required to build blueprint-based courses, and maintain and grow them every month. A curriculum is not a static item, but a reflection of knowledge blueprints, of standards of care, and of current guidelines.

The aim of each question is clear, built for a specific purpose in creating the retention that is required to easily pass high stakes exams. Moreover, they are designed to identify knowledge gaps in groups of learners, and outliers within groups.

Precision, directed, organized - these are the hallmarks of Challenger content for your residency.

resident education - Institutional - Medical Education and Clinical Training Platform for Medical Residency Programs

Great Reporting

Great course content is only a part of Challenger’s LMS. We’ve built a management system from the ground up designed for academic medical management. With Med-Challenger, you’ll be able to easily see much-needed management information across specific PGYs, or across your program as a whole.

  • The Assignment Activity dashboard tells you all about topic, baseline, or exam simulation assignments given to your PGY. You can see who has completed assignments, how they scored, all the way down to individual tests and users, and the questions they answered incorrectly. You can also see who has not completed an assignment, and email them from right there on the screen to prod them into action.

  • HotSpots - The Assignment Activity dashboard also comes with Hot Spots, where Q&A that was missed across the entire group is highlighted for each assignment, helping identify group knowledge gaps or areas of focus in a particular topic.

  • The User Activity dashboard gives you an overview of utilization and scores across your PGY or all residents. Who is using the courses? What topics have they been studying? How are they scoring? All of this information, with granularity all the way down to their individual exams, if you want to examine in detail what Q&A is being missed.

  • The Course Activity dashboard gives you an overview of PGY or resident activity inside the course - overall user activity, assessments taken and passed, average scores, pending assignments, and incomplete assignments for every user.

These are capabilities that no other LMS in the medical academic area has, and they were built across years of studying how residencies operate, and at the request of and in discussions with hundreds of residency directors and program administrators. Every single student interaction and question answer, and assessment is available instantly, along with summarizations across topics and PGYs.

Institutional - Medical Education and Clinical Training Platform for Medical Residency Programs

Assignments and Calendars

Some residencies like to lay out a calendar weeks or months in advance, others leave assessments as faculty decisions, some want more self-directed study with occasional baselines to check for outliers or topical issues that might show up on ITE’s or certification exams.

Whatever scenario you have in mind, Med-Challenger’s assignment manager is designed to handle it. Assignments have a broad array of options that allow you tailor use of Med-Challenger specifically to your needs:

  • Start and end dates framing the time during which a student can complete an assessment.
  • ‘Hidden’ exams that aren’t visible until release date.
  • Individual or PGY selection.
  • Custom passing scores on each exam.
  • Instructor notifications on completion or not, student reminder emails options.
  • Prebuilt baselines scheduled at fixed intervals.

We’ve worked with hundreds of residencies, and incorporated all the different teaching and management styles in our assignment and calendaring system. For faculty feedback, and for administration reporting, no other product has the flexibility of Med-Challenger in assignment and management.

Institutional - Medical Education and Clinical Training Platform for Medical Residency Programs

Email and Communication

Easy communication is the hallmark of a great LMS.

Clinical medical certification is right at the top of the most challenging of professional training scenarios. One of the key features residency directors and faculty told us they wanted from a medical academic LMS was the ability to easily and quickly communicate and manage assignments of complex topics, and importantly, to follow up on the learning.

With Med-Challenger you can see every student assignment, completion status, scores, all the way down to the individuals tests and answers on every question. Built into the dashboard is the ability to quickly email a student with comments or questions.

In addition to direct communications from within the LMS, new assignments automatically email the assignee a link and information about the assignment, and incomplete assignments past their due dates generate automatic reminder emails.

Streamlining oversight and management reduces the steps and time required to manage the complex training environment.

Adaptive and Prescriptive for Self-Directed Learning

In self-directed study, the amount of material to cover can seem overwhelming. Challenger solves that with two features.

Adaptive learning, or adaptive assessments, record, remember, and target weak areas of knowledge automatically. They keep track of what questions you’ve seen, what you’ve answered correctly, and what you’ve answered incorrectly. They’ll automatically target missed and unseen questions with each assessment.

Prescriptive learning is similar. The application knows the topics you’ve missed, and the topics you’ve aced. At the end of each assessment, if you have scored below passing in a particular topic in the exam, Challenger will present you with study recommendations and take you directly to those topics, if you wish.

“Med-Challenger tells you exactly where you need to focus. I have saved so much time by using their prescriptive remediation. I feel like I’ve learned twice as much in half the time.” G. Sanderlin, MD

“Med-Challenger’s adaptive learning engine not only targeted my weaknesses right away, it made sure I saw and mastered all relevant materials without obnoxious repeats of information I already knew well. Easily the fastest path to the best review.” Joann Brewer, MD

Easy to Use Custom Exams

Build exactly what you want.

Custom exams provide a variety of options for self-study, exam review, and other knowledge assessment activities.

A custom exam, once created and saved, will follow the content source and content allocation parameters you set, every time its used. With custom exams, you can set up preferred ways to self-assess.

  • Find and select question content easily
  • Quick-start pre-built templates
  • Precise question allocation across topics
medical education saas - medical education software as a service - healthcare education saasInstitutional - Medical Education and Clinical Training Platform for Medical Residency Programs

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