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Med-Challenger PA is the most effective, easiest to use Physician Assistant certification board review question bank for the PANCE NCCPA board certification examination. Med-Challenger's physician assistant board reviews with intelligent PA self-assessment provides everything you need to pass physician assistant certification exams and fulfill other PA certification requirements such as AAPA CME credits, all in one powerful, effective, and convenient access point online.

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PANCE review - physician assistant certification board review

Our pass-guaranteed physician assistant certification board review courses gets you prepared the PANCE fast, thanks to our constantly updated physician assistant review questions, detailed answer explanations, and intelligent PANCE board exam simulators. Plus, our online PANCE board review course keeps serving you after exams too. PANCE review has never been so easy, effective, or efficient.  It's more than just the best PANCE question bank, it's lifelong physician assistant education and AAPA MOC convenience.

PANCE review - physician assistant certification board review question bank

Our #1 physician assistant question bank is intelligent, automatically targeting any detected weaker areas of knowledge, saving your time.

2600+ PANCE Review Questions

High-Yield Physician Assistant exam practice questions mapped to the PANCE exam blueprint.

Using authoritative resources, our physician assistant editors ensure our PANCE review courses are always current and cover the latest NCCPA certification exam blueprint. Med-Challenger's PANCE Board Review course is 100% pass-guaranteed and used by GME programs and healthcare organizations world-wide.

Earn Required CMEs

The MOST CME credits you'll find in any online physician assistant board review.


AMA Category 1 CME Credits


AAPA-approved CME Credits (required)
best PANCE exam review course with AAPA CME credits

Produce CME certificates whenever you need annually.  Useful year after year.

Physician Assistant Course Information

Physician Assistant Review Course Information
PANCE board review online - prepare physician assistant boards anytime anywhere

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Live reviews simply don't cut it anymore.

Don't spend your time and energy - and more money - traveling to and sitting through a live review cram course that leaves you holding a paper binder and no lasting value.

With Med-Challenger, you study when you want, where you want.  What's more, you continually benefit from always-up-to-date resources and new content throughout the year.  Stay comfortable.  We bring everything to you.  More than just effective PANCE review, more than a "PANCE question bank," it's ongoing physician assistant knowledge support.

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best physician assistant certification exam review course online - PANCE exam prep

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DANA Washington, PA-C

About the NCCPA Certification Exam (PANCE)

What you need to know to prepare for the PANCE.

Physician assistant certification exam guide - How to become certified by the NCCPA as a physician assistant PA-C

The content blueprint for PANCE is based on information provided from certified physician assistants who participate in profession-wide practice analysis studies.  Certified PAs are involved throughout the exam development process, including:  reviewing results of the practice analysis, writing questions that appear on PANCE, reviewing exams before they are administered, reviewing performance data for exam questions, and developing recommendations for the passing standard.  Certified PAs work with NCCPA to continuously review the content included on PANCE to ensure it is relevant and current, as the practice of medicine changes and treatment guidelines are revised or new ones introduced.  

If you graduate from a¬†PA¬†program¬†accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) or its predecessors, you can take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination¬ģ (PANCE) for certification. The multiple-choice exam assesses basic medical and surgical knowledge. You will need to submit an application and payment in advance and can choose from over 200 testing sites.

  • You may schedule your exam anytime (depending on testing center availability) except during the end-of-year holiday window.
  • You can register 90 days prior to your expected program completion date.
  • You must submit an application and payment in advance to take PANCE.
  • You may only take PANCE once in any 90-day period or three times in a calendar year
  • You have 180 days from the beginning of your exam timeframe to take the exam.

PANCE Exam Blueprint

What's covered on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination?

NCCPA publishes a content blueprint of the material that will appear on the exam. The content blueprint provides guidance on the information assessed on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE).

The PA certification examination is categorized in two dimensions:

  1. Knowledge of the diseases and disorders physician assistants encounter; and
  2. Knowledge and skills related to tasks physician assistants perform when treating patients.

This is how we determine which material appears in exam simulations.


Cardiovascular System13%
Dermatologic System5%
Endocrine System7%
Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat7%
Gastrointestinal System/Nutrition9%
Genitourinary System (Male and Female)5%
Hematologic System5%
Infectious Diseases6% 
Musculoskeletal System8%
Neurologic System7%
Pulmonary System10%
Psychiatry/Behavioral Science6%
Renal System5%
Reproductive System (Male and Female)7%

TASK CATEGORIESPercent Allocation

History Taking and Performing Physical Examination17%
Using Diagnostic and Laboratory Studies12%
Formulating Most Likely Diagnosis18%
Health Maintenance, Patient , Education, and Preventive Measures10%
Clinical Intervention14%
Pharmaceutical Therapeuticsm14%
Applying Basic Scientific Concepts10% 
Profesional Practice5%

What is the format of the PANCE Exam?

What's the NCCAP PANCE  Exam format?

Our exams are administered in multiple blocks of test questions. You may answer the questions within a block in any order, and you may review and change responses within a block of questions during the time allotted for that section. However, after you exit a block of test questions, or after time expires for that block, you won't be allowed to review its questions or change your answers.

The five-hour PANCE exam includes 300 multiple-choice questions administered in five blocks of 60 questions with 60 minutes to complete each block. There is a total of 45 minutes allotted for breaks between blocks and you will be responsible for managing your break time. You will have 15 minutes to complete the PANCE tutorial.

PANCE exam sample questions...

NCCPA provides several sample questions on its site.  You can also get more free PANCE board review questions when you subscribe to Med-Challenger's Medical Education Blog - or when you start a free trial of Med-Challenger PANCE/PANRE BOARD REVIEW.

Benefits for Lifelong Practice


Content Resources

Comprehensive, up-to-date & new content.

  • High-quality specialty review and knowledge protection
  • Question banks mapped to board exam specifications
  • Detailed answer explanations with bonus Pearls of Wisdom
  • Written and peer-reviewed by practicing, board-certified physician educators.
  • Informative content blogs and updates keep you in step with MOC and guideline changes.
  • Enduring material, unlike a live course you can't revisit.


Assessment & Feedback

Do more in less time with intelligent tools.

  • Intelligent self-assessment and board exam simulation adapts to your knowledge needs
  • Learning prescriptions guide you to reinforcement in areas of difficulty 
  • Smart exams de-emphasize content you know well so you spend time on material you don't
  • Flexible study modes and read-friendly answer keys
  • Build smart custom exams
  • Predictive performance analytics


Built for Lifelong Practice

Boards and beyond, built for career MOC.

  • No need to attend or travel to a live course
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Saves Time, Money & Stress

Less stress and more quality of life.

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Multiple Ways to Learn & Earn

The Med-Challenger platform gives you more than any other.  It's designed for today's pressing needs and longterm knowledge quality, maintenance of certification, and hassle-free requirement fulfillment.  We know that everyone's practice life and personal requirements vary.  We've set everything up where you can use your content assets in multiple ways.  Your content assets stay up-to-date and you have flexible and fun ways to use the resources you need to know so you stay at your best.


Exam Review

Prepare for exams faster and score higher.

  • Exam blueprint-based board review
  • Comprehensive, adaptive board exam simulation
  • Chapter & topic exams
  • Practice tests & "see answers" review modes
  • Build, save & re-use intelligent custom exams
  • Instant feedback & remediation analysis


Get CME Credits

Earn CME credits while you study - or anytime.

  • Earn CME credit while you study
  • AMA Category 1 credits
  • Specialty credits
  • State-required credits
  • Track CME earnings
  • Easy CME certificate PDF generation


Battle Peers

Stay current though fun peer-to-peer games.

  • Play special CME quiz games within your account
  • Peer leaderboards
  • Create your own player alias
  • New content and CME case challenges weekly
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Stay Informed

Stay informed of changes to care and CME requirements.

  • Medical education news & updates
  • New materials annually for MOC
  • Guideline knowledge checks & updates
  • Diagnostic challenges
  • Informative practice alerts
  • Premium offers

Med-Challenger PA Reviews

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our physician assistant board review - Med-Challenger PA
M Perdue, PA-C

Excellent PANCE /PANRE and EM-CAQ review for physician assistants. With AAPA CMEs too, there's everything a PA needs.

Mark Perdue, PA-C
Dee Collins, PA-C

Thank you for making the PANCE exam and AAPA CME easy. Much more effective than live courses. Less cost. And no travel!

Debbie Collins, PA-c
J Cooper PA-C

Passed the PANRE and plan on keeping this. It's a gold mine for PAs. Other reviews just don't do everything Med-Challenger does.

Jay Cooper, PA-c

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Marta Gutierrez, MD

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CME Quick Quiz

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Physician Assistant Exam Review Packages

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pance panre exam review for physician assistants


PANCE / PANRE Review + EORs & CME Credit

100% pass-guaranteed. No risk.

Follows the PANCE / PANRE Exam Content Outline

End of Rotation Exam Review (EOR) - 15 Separate Exams

Over 2600 board-style Q&A based on National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants exam specifications (NCCPA)

2,600 high-yield explanations

Board Exam Simulator & Chapter Exams w/ time-saving Learning Rx

Earn up to 195 AMA Category 1 CME credits

Earn up to 20 AAPA-approved CME credits (annual requirements)

Platform Features & Utilities

  • Personal analytics dashboard
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  • Study modes & visual media
  • Custom exam builder
  • Quick Quiz CME games
  • Works anywhere, any device
  • Continuous content updates
  • CME blogs & MOC alerts
  • Single login to all assets
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CAQ-EM certification of added qualifications in emergency medicine for physician assistants board review with CME credit


NCCPA CAQ-EM Exam Review

100% pass-guaranteed. No risk.

Follows the NCCPA Certification of Added Qualifications in Emergency Medicine (CAQ-EM) Exam Content Outline

3,600 NCCPA CAQ-EM-formatted questions

3,600 high-yield explanations

Board Exam Simulator & Chapter Exams w/ time-saving Learning Rx

Platform Features & Utilities

  • Personal analytics dashboard
  • Pre-built smart sims & tests
  • Study modes & visual media
  • Custom exam builder
  • CME certificate generator
  • Quick Quiz CME games
  • Works anywhere, any device
  • Continuous content updates
  • CME blogs & MOC alerts
  • Single login to all assets
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PA PRO - everything for the physician assistant


EVERYTHING for Physician Assistants PRO Bundle


$2,032 in value.  You save 50%.
Learn More

PA Board Review (PANCE/PANRE)

  • Pass-guaranteed
  • Exam Prep for PANCE & PANRE Exams
  • 15 NCCPA End-of-Rotation Exams
  • 195 AMA Category 1 CME credits
  • 20 AAPA-approved CME credits
  • Value $329

PA CAQ-EM Board Review

  • Pass-guaranteed
  • NCCPA Certification of Added Qualifications in Emergency Medicine Exams (CAQ-EM)
  • Value $329

State-required CME Course

  • CME Requirements by US state
  • Useful every year
  • Value $229

Dermatology CME Course

  • Dermatology review + image banks
  • 71 AMA Category 1 Credits
  • Value $229

ECG Interpretation: Basics & Special Cases

  • Review of EKG Interpetation
  • Value $229
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best board exam review question banks - most trusted board review - top-rated board exam preparation and cme courses