Internal Medicine Residency Education Management System

“Everything you need for improved IM residency education control and performance outcomes at your fingertips.”

Be able to KNOW and CONTROL what’s happening – or about to happen – in your program anytime, anywhere. Med-Challenger’s online IM residency education platform provides everything IM residency programs need to quickly and easily evaluate, remediate, strengthen, and predict residency education outcomes for outstanding results – and save valuable time and labor in the process.

  • ABIM Blueprint-based QBanks & Adaptive Knowledge Assessment
  • Automatic Remediation Targets Weak Areas of Knowledge on the spot
  • Authoring Tools – Build Custom Questions & Custom Exams
  • Assignment Manager, Activity Controls & Milestone Tracking
  • Comparative Results, Performance Indicators & Predictor Dashboards
  • Higher Exam Scores, More Control, Less Labor, No More Surprises
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Med-Challenger Group Medical Education System

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Internal medicine resident training, simplified – and supercharged.

Our 24/7 online residency education platform gives internal medicine program faculty access to everything they need to assess, control, and improve training efficiency, activity compliance, and performance outcomes easily, online.

Program managers using Med-Challenger for adjunct training and assessment have reported improved scores, pass-rates, and learner compliance as well as reduced time requirements, labor, and surprises related to residency training.

best medical education management system
best medical education management system

With gold-standard question banks, assessments, and custom content tools built-in, Med-Challenger’s online residency education platform allows residency program directors to easily create, assign, and track resident knowledge assessment activities.

Program directors can quickly monitor activity compliance, knowledge proficiency, and exam performance predictors for all learners, groups, and locations – on one screen – from anywhere.

Everything is incredibly easy to use, flexible, and powerful in producing higher exam scores, identifying and fixing outliers, and helping every resident class matriculate on time.

It’s perfect for both traditional campus-based programs and clinical distance learning programs – large or small, the entire platform can be enabled for your program immediately without complexity or delay.

Everything works 24/7 via any Internet-enabled device.

best medical education management system

Big power. Because “self-study” alone falls short.

More than just great content and testing, we give you total education control and performance analysis – and results.

Over 18%
Program Director Time Saved
Over 14%
Avg. Improvement in Exam Scores
Over 22%
Learner Study Time Saved

You can simply provide self-study – or you can drive results.

Our group education product is a complete system, not a blind-eye “here ya go guys, good luck” box of online questions. We provide the education management tools today’s QBank-pushers simply don’t – or can’t.

We’re specifically aimed at group education outcome control and performance improvement, where knowledge and training systems are lacking, labor-intensive, or non-existent – and solutions need to be instant, hassle-free, easy to use, and effective.

best medical education management system

Platform Features:

IM Residency Curriculum & Exam Review

Our internal medicine curriculum covers the ABIM Exam Blueprint, ACGME IM Milestones, and Practice Requirements in IM.

Leverage up-to-date, ready-to-use, gold-standard ABIM exam prep curricula and ABIM blueprint-based question banks for fast and effective training and knowledge assessment adjunct to live instruction – your way – without any content & exam maintenance.

Out of the box… Med-Challenger IM…

Over 150
Topics Covered
Over 1700
IM Board Review Questions
Everything your residents need to know – out of the box.
  • ABIM blueprint-based & IM Model-based content, question banks & ABIM Qualifying exam preparation
  • Written, and peer-reviewed by practicing IM specialists
  • NBME-style case-based questions
  • Detailed answers explanations
  • Clinical texts and media banks – useful for faculty lectures and learner reference
  • Continually updated – no content maintenance
  • Use assets in any order – even add your own content
  • Flexible assessment options – comprehensive board exam simulation to focused chapter exams to bite-sized topic-based learning segments (more below)
  • Log and document ACGME IM Milestones too!
Institutional Clinical Education Platform

Med-Challenger’s online clinical education platform puts hassle-free content and knowledge assessment adjunct to live instruction in your hands for immediate use and impact.

*We have a complete library of courses available.

More About Course Assets

Blueprint-based Exam Simulation

ABIM publishes a content blueprint of the material that will appear on the exam.

This is how we determine which material appears in IM board exam simulations.

Cardiovascular Disease14%
Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism9%
Infectious Disease9%
Pulmonary Disease9%
Rheumatology and Orthopedics9%
Nephrology and Urology6%
Medical Oncology6%
Geriatric Syndromes3%
Obstetrics and Gynecology3%
Allergy and Immunology2%
Otolaryngology and Dental Medicine1%

Adaptive Resident Knowledge Assessment

Intelligent testing detects knowledge deficiencies and issues corrective remediation automatically – without faculty labor.

Adaptive Knowledge Assessment
  • Multiple, flexible, built-in exam types:
    • Board Exam Simulators – Comprehensive ABIM Review
    • Chapter Exams – Rotation-Friendly Testing
    • Baseline Exams – Establish Entry Knowledge Levels
    • Topic Exams w/ Practice & Review Tutor Modes
  • Create your own adaptive Custom Exams
  • Color-coded answer keys with full answer explanations
  • Anti-cheat security
  • Flag questions for review
online medical knowledge assessment and remediation

Our adaptive Smart Assessments learn and address each learners knowledge deficiencies.

More About Knowledge Assessment
Automatic Prescriptive Learning Remediation
  • Automatic remediation & prescribed learning – automatic links to recommended remediation
  • Assessment logs, charts, and graphs help you see all activities, outcomes, and trends.
  • Ability to limit learner access to certain assessment outputs and details via Assignments (i.e. you can hide select assessment results, answers, and performance details from learners as desired)
automatic remediation

Post-assessment prescriptive summaries gives learners paths to self-study in “weak areas.” Learners self-correct knowledge gaps on their own!

More About Automatic Remediation

Get started instantly with our built-in content & assessments…or

Create & Use Custom Content!

You can even blend content assets (ours & yours) to quickly create unique, re-usable, “gap-proof” custom curricula and assessments specific to your program.

Build, Edit, and Deploy Your Own Questions

Create and organize your own Custom Questions and Question Library.

Online Question Authoring Tools
  • Build your own questions and organize your question library with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Upload your own images.
  • Build question stems, options sets, remediative answer explanations, and references.
  • No HTML coding experience necessary.
  • Question types include: single answer, multi-answer, and true/false
  • Preview questions
  • Filter your question library by search tags and more
  • Set privacy and status settings
  • Use custom questions in custom exams.
  • Share questions with other administrators.
Build custom questions online with Med-Challenger

Custom questions can also be shared across program faculty for team-based education & assessment efficiency.

More About Question Authoring

Build & Assign Adaptive Custom Exams

Build custom exams online using any of your content assets and assess residents how you want, when you want – and monitor performance.

Test knowledge exactly how you want.
  • Build assignable, re-usable custom exams – big or small – using any of your account assets
  • Pick and mix content from multiple course assets – including your own custom questions
  • Indexes show all exam simulation assessments, chapter exams, and topics
  • Jumpstart builds with pre-built exam templates
  • Set what Q&A are available in the exam pool and how many to issue per assessment attempt
  • Saved custom exams are re-usable & intelligent adaptivity targets remaining deficiencies every time.
  • Instant weak-area remediation is automatically issued
build custom exams online with Med-Challenger

Build exams quickly using pre-built content – use your own questions – or blend the two. In either case, you can easily create and deploy rotation-based assessment adjunct to live training objectives in a way that improves compliance, performance, and quality of life for all.

More About Custom Exams

See what’s happening – or what’s about to happen – and stop surprises.

Activity Controls & Predictive Analysis

Track real-time assignment compliance, results, and predict performance.

Online Assignments & Activity Control

Want more control? Schedule, track, and monitor assigned activities, set special assignment rules, and track performance across your group – in a snap.

Assignment management and tracking
  • Assign assessment activities per learner or to groups
  • Set due dates, passing score, viewing options
  • Set special assignment workflows and access rules (i.e. for “test only” vs. “self-study” and other applications)
  • Shared Calendar & Gantt views keep everyone on schedule
  • Send assignees e-notifications of assignments.
  • Learners can clearly see, understand, and access assigned activities
  • Improves assignment compliance (no more excuses!)
online assignment calendar management and tracking

Schedule your assignments on shared Calendar or Gantt chart views. Make changes or see results on the spot.

More About Assignment Management

Analyze and Predict Resident Performance

On-screen dashboards to PDF exports of data, Med-Challenger provides performance metrics, proficiency analysis, exam performance predictors, and outcome documentation ease.

Monitor Progress. Track Activities & Predict Outcomes.
  • Track activities, compliance, & performance of assignees with color-coded analytics:
    • Individual assignee assessment results & answers given
    • Hot Spots output – see what questions were missed the most by assignees for “next-step” planning.
    • Assignee comparative results & color-coded graphics
    • Score averages, High / Low Scores for assignment
  • Dashboards allow you to track performance across your group at a glance.
  • Compare assignees to program peer & global averages.
  • Quickly see what assignments are complete or not – and which assets have and have not been utilized.
  • Output .CSV and print-friendly score report data by data range, learner classes and more.
Track and compare medical education progress

Watch real-time outcomes, compliance, and compare learner performance. Get key insights into program cohort progress, outliers, areas of difficulty, and be able to detect, predict, and effectively react to problems before they impact outcomes.

More About Analytics & Reports

Additional Benefits

With everything you get – there’s a ton of extra benefits too.

Free Faculty MOC & CME/CNE Use

Faculty can use course assets for personal MOC needs, such as board exam review, fulfilling annual MOC requirements, and to earn specialized CME/CNE credits.  Save yourself and your colleagues personal MOC time, labor, and money!

Continuous Flow of New Materials and Updates

Along with seamless core content updates, we issue free weekly knowledge quizzes and informative practice guideline blogs that help keep everyone current.

Manage ACGME Milestones & EPAs

Med-Challenger provides an easy way for program faculty to log and report on ACGME Milestones and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) in various specialties.

No Content Maintenance Required

Keeping materials up-to-date and relevant is a full time job.  Let us do it for you.  Use our gold-standard content instantly, supplement with your own, or vise versa. Fact is, you can start deploying adjunct education immediately - and customize your assets as you go.

Centralized Data Across Multiple Locations

On screen to rule them all.  Stop chasing data - have it come to you. Our online system brings all data into one view.  Perfect for remote or distance learning programs.

Useful for Live "Knowledge Bowl" Gaming

Spice things up.  Add a little game-style competition by displaying online assessment questions in a live group environment. Use live discussion to reinforce learning concepts.

 No IT Implementation Hassles or Delays

Easy on.  Easy off.  Since our platform is completely self-contained and built for ease-of-use, there are no IT hardware needs or application conflicts to worry about.  We can have you up in a few minutes.

Flexible Purchasing & Learner Onboarding Options

Pricing is completely straightforward - pick your courses and the number of user accounts you need.  No complex contracts - even use a credit card.  What's even better - we have ways to onboard your learners through self-pay online enrollment.

 Free Account Services, Technical Support, and Coaching

Our support team has worked with hundreds of institutions and their program faculty. We help everyone learn the platform and make quick use of all features for improved results. We also offer a 24/7 support site with helpful FAQs and tutorials.


Here’s just some of the comments and reviews we’ve heard recently.

“Everything you need for improved residency education control and performance outcomes at your fingertips.”Randall King, MD, Residency Director
“Great content and testing for quick remediation of struggling students, but even better as a way to keep everyone on track – and know it. “Andrea Eberly, MD, FAAEM
“Most effective way to add a high-quality distance learning component to any residency program. Both faculty and residents benefit – and improved pass-rates don’t lie.”David Bauer, MD, Residency Director

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Benefits for all.

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