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with Clerkship Exams, USMLE Step 2 CS / Step 2 CK & Step 3 Exam Review
& Powerful Program Director Efficiency Tools

“High quality USMLE review and clinical knowledge training with efficient and effective learner controls. And, our M3s and M4s are loving the jumpstart into case-based clinical assessment and diagnosis.”I. Khan, MD, Professor of Medicine


Med-Challenger Group Medical Education System

As a medical school education director, gain better insight into how your students and program are performing. With Med-Challenger, it’s easy to track key performance measures, spot trends, initiate remediation and highlight successes.

Improve exam scores, pass rates, and reduce labor and chaos with quality online CONTENT, adaptive knowledge ASSESSMENT including Clerkship & USMLE exam reviews, automatic REMEDIATION, powerful activity CONTROLS, and other time-saving tools – all in one.

medical school online education system

Higher scores. Better pass-rates.
No IT set up needs. No content maintenance.
Instant start up. Easy to use. Benefits for all.

There’s no reason to delay improving your medical student training outcomes.

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There’s a reason why so-called “Self-study Qbank” solutions stop short of providing real program outcome improvement.

You need more than just questions.
You need education outcome control.

We give you the best of both.

Med-Challenger provides the highest-quality USMLE Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK & Step 3 question bank for medical student knowledge assessment and clerkship exams, but we also provide the most powerful suite of centralized, customizable controls and analytics you need to:

  • Get students to do assignments on-time and improve

    Assign adaptive assessments and customized exams and ensure on-time compliance.

  • Know any academic problems before they happen

    Identify student weakness and “hot spots” of shared deficiency and use training time better.

  • Manage learners, compare performance, and react

    Compare performance, review assessment answers, and outperform global averages.

  • Initiate remediation automatically without labor

    Allow automations and prescriptive outputs to drive improvement without time & labor

  • Monitor activities of every student at any location

    One screen, one login for all information – from any location – on any device.

group education for medical schools, education outcome control with med-challenger

You can hope – or you can know.

Complete system of content, assessment & remediation tracking.

Our group education product is a complete system, not a blind-eye “here ya go guys, good luck” box of online questions. We provide the education management tools today’s QBank-pushers simply don’t – or can’t.

Aimed at education outcome control & improvement.

We’re specifically aimed at group education outcome control and performance improvement, where knowledge and training systems are lacking, labor-intensive, or non-existent. Our system is 100% standalone, requiring no content management or technical set up on your end. It’s an instant, effective, affordable, and uniquely beneficial way to add new abilities to your program or augment any existing onboarding applications or training systems.

Improve pass-rates, scores, and efficiency.

Our system has improved exam pass-rates and scores roughly 14% on average and as much as 30% in some cases.

Learners save up to 22% of study time. Program Managers save up to 18% of education administration time. And, yes, program directors, you need only one account login no matter how many roles you serve or how many course assets you want available in your program.

In simple terms… why settle for “X,” when you need and can have “X” and “Y” and “Z” with Med-Challenger?

Let us show you all you can have – and do – with Med-Challenger.
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Education doesn’t happen without quality resources.

We give you gold-standard on-demand, maintenance-free, high-yield content.

Med-Challenger provides instant access to the content and testing components you need. We keep materials up-to-date, on-point, and on-demand at all times so program administrators don’t have to laboriously manage their own content resources year after year.

Clerkship & USMLE Assessment

Instant Clerkship Assessments

Clerkship exams give you a way to instantly vet knowledge quality before, during, and after clerkship rotations.

Clerkship exams include:

Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Family Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Intensive Care Medicine

Clerkship exams are 100 question exams curated by medical educators for adjunct support of clerkship training.

USMLE Question Bank for
Step 2 CS / Step 2 CK / Step 3

Complete coverage. Q&A just like the USMLE exam.
Uniquely flexible for clerkship-based testing.

USMLE blueprint-based review:

General Principles – Normal Development
General Principles – Medical Ethics & Jurisprudence
General Principles – Applied Biostatistics & Clinical Epidemiology
General Principles – Systems-Based Practice & Patient Safety
Infectious Diseases & Disorders
Immunologic Disorders
Disorders of the Blood
Mental Disorders
Disorders of the Nervous System & Special Senses
Cardiovascular Disorders
Disorders of the Respiratory System
Nutritional & Digestive Disorders
Renal & Urinary Disorders
Gynecologic Disorders
Disorders of the Male Reproductive System
Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Fetus & Newborn
Disorders of the Skin & Subcutaneous Tissues
Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue
Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders
Congenital Anomalies
Symptoms, Signs, & Ill-Defined Conditions

We have additional subjects that augment USMLE training as well.

Many clients prefer to deploy our entire library for their program due to the
variety of adjunct training subjects useful in assignments and custom exam creation.

USMLE Course Author Information

Clinical Media Banks

For enhanced visual learning and training.

Our courses include high-resolution clinical image banks useful in lectures and training reference.

Photos, diagrams, illustrations, xrays, CTs, MRIs, EKGs, auscultation audio, procedural video, and more consistute another unique benefit of Med-Challenger.

Unlike most other products, our media is organized by searchable topic for quick access and integration into other adjunct teaching materials.

Images are also used in image-based questions – a key requirement for exam preparation as image interpretation skills and image-based assessment Q&A are a major component of exams – and daily practice.

The best Clinical media banks for enhanced visual learning and training

Great content doesn’t get you higher scores by itself.

We give you smart, adaptive ways to train, assess & improve knowledge.

Med-Challenger gives you the largest array of intelligent assessment and remediation tools available. With adaptive learning and automatic remediation guidance, your students learn more, faster, and score higher on exams simply by using the system, while administrators get the performance and evaluation information they need, on one screen, instantly. Ultimately, we improve outcomes for everyone – students, faculty, administrators, and your program.

Best in class assessment.

Use our intelligent assessments or build your own.
Adaptive learning does the heavy lifting – automatically.

Multiple Test Types & Custom Exams

Med-Challenger provides out-of-the-box adaptive, USMLE simulations, chapter-based (clerkship) exams, and a Custom Exam Builder so you have flexibility to achieve any type of training objective or measurement.

Note: All Items are Assignable.
When assessments or topic-based materials are used with our Assignment Manager, there’s no better way to assess, remediate, and drive exam preparation or improve knowledge quality.

  • Adaptive, Comprehensive USMLE Exam Simulations

    This intelligent assessment issues a USMLE-based simulation remembers any questions missed by a user and prioritized those questions from re-issue in subsequent simulation usage. By routinely assigning adaptive exams to a student, our platform automatically ensures all materials are seen, tried, and mastered, without repeats of already mastered content.

  • Adaptive Chapter Exams for Easy Clerkship Testing

    Adaptive chapter exams are useful in clerkship-style section testing. Chapter exams function similarly to the larger comprehensive simulations, but only use questions from each chapter respectively.

  • Topic-based Practice and Review Modes & Assessments

    Our courses, at their core, feature topic-based learning segments that cover all key points in all specific topics in the USMLE exam blueprint. We provide Practice (unscored trials) and Review (read-friendly answer reviews) modes as well as a scored topic Assessment. Together this “programmed learning” progression is a proven method of enhancing retention of the material.

  • Build Your Own Exams - and Assign Them too!

    Our Custom Exam Builder provides all the flexibility medical educators require. Pick questions from our question banks, allocate the number of questions served by your exam – even set allocations by section. You can set a number of parameters for a variety of testing applications – from self-study, to straight testing, and more. What’s more, you can save your custom builds and assign them with our Assignments Manager. No one else gives you this ability.

Group Training Suite with innovative features
  • "Quick-Start" Pre-built Custom Exams

    Pre-built custom exams – such as a 100-question “baseline knowledge” exam in each specialty – give program directors additional “out of the box” special case testing options. “Baseline exam” formats, for example, are useful for initial apples-to-apples testing (where everyone assigned gets the same questions) to help gauge incoming student knowledge on a standard. These pre-built custom exam designs are also usable as templates in custom exam creation. That way you can load up our expert-curated templates in our Custom Exam Builder as a starting point and change out or add any Q&A as you like, then save and assign your own special variants.

Automatic Feedback & Remediation
Gets double done for you.

After students take an adaptive assessment, we provide a “learning prescription” that informs students of weak areas of knowledge and presents a self-improvement path to “deeper dives” automatically.
  • Full report on correct and incorrect answers

    Assessment details showing questions missed, what answers where given, and full answer explanations are accessible by students, but also by program administrators.

  • Understand areas of shared weakness with Hot Spots

    Our unique “Hot Spots” feature shows you what questions were missed by multiple assignees. Knowing shared areas of difficulty helps program directors aim their group review efforts.

  • Empower self-improvement like never before

    Students can initiate a “deeper dive” in any area where questions were missed. This allows for self-enrichment beyond the scope of the questions in the initial assessment.

  • Instructors save time and see faster returns

    Essentially, our system of assessment and feedback provides a “double-cycle” of educational benefit. Students will have been able to self-remediate themselves without further instruction. Students improve faster – without your valuable time.

Great content and testing features work only with reliable activity and compliance.

We give you control over learners, activities, schedules & outcomes.

No matter how many students or how many locations you manage, with Med-Challenger you’ll enjoy control over every student’s activities from a single screen. Assign customized activities, improve compliance, and react faster with assignments, shared calendaring, and performance analysis.


Med-Challenger is an elite medical education firm. Their products in EM, urgent care and other disciplines are of outstanding quality and effectiveness, not only for individuals looking to fulfill personal career requirements, but for healthcare groups and institutions looking to monitor quality, compliance, and better outcomes across their practitioner staff as a wholeKevin Klauer, DO, JD
Your USMLE question bank has been so helpful for me. I can’t thank you enough!J. Smith, M.D.
Med-Challenger has the most comprehensive online board review resource for multiple specialties that I’ve seen. Excellent quality and quantity of questions available.
Wish I had this sooner!J. Dean

Assignment Management & Performance Tracking
Make it happen. Watch it happen.

Assign activities, set special assignment workflows, and track performance across your group – in a snap.

Group Medical Education Systems by Med-Challenger
  • Assignment Wizard

    Easy to use Assignment Wizard makes assignment creation easy. Select a course. Select elements for assignment – from exam simulations to chapter exams to topic-based tests and more. Select your assignees from automatic lists by individual or by class designation. Set a passing score for the assignment and more. Once complete assignments will display on your assignment dashboard, calendars and more.

Group Training Suite with innovative features
  • Shared Calendar & Gantt Views

    Program Directors can utilize calendar and gantt chart views to lay out a series of assigned activities, manage timelines, and better avoid trainee overloads. If changes are needed, you can modify assignments on the fly.

  • Assignees See a "My Assignments" List

    Your assignees will be able to see their assignments on their account dashboards for on-time compliance.

Group Training Suite with innovative features
  • Presentation & Workflow Options

    Set passing scores and behaviors of what is allowed and/or seen before, during, and after an assigned assessment is completed. Provide free-study materials or ratchet things down to exam-only activities.

  • Notification Options

    Your assignees will be able to see their assignments on their account dashboards for on-time compliance. Modify assignments on the fly and send notifications to keep your learners informed of expectations.

special workflow options with med-challenger
  • Track Activity with Dashboards

    Easy to use Assignment Wizard makes mapping program objectives easy. Quickly monitor completion and performance data of each assignment. Group assignments render all assignee performance data in one spot for quick comparisons and investigation of answers given, “hot spots” of shared deficiency, and global averages.

Group Training Suite with innovative features

Reports & Analytics
On Screen. On Paper.

Score Cards, Rosters, Compliance, and Easy Documentation
  • Score Reports

    Produce score report data by data range, learner classes and more. Export data to PDF.

  • Assignment Reports

    Quickly see what assignments are complete or not. See who’s not complied – and get them going. See and compare scores of assignees within an assignments. Export data to PDF.

  • Roster Reports

    Report on scores, activity, and performance by individual, class, program. Export data to PDF.

  • Compliance Reports

    Compliance reports help groups understand other MOC compliance needs across their group. Export data to PDF.

Application on-screen details provide a wealth of reporting metrics as well.
Print screens or export PDFs via Reports suite.

Support & Training
We’ll get you rolling & keep you rolling.

Let our expert support staff train the trainer.
  • Start Up Assistance

    We’ll get your program and user accounts set up in no time. You can start using your program immediately.

  • Group Training Webinars

    We can schedule live training webinars for you or your group at your convenience to explain features, use-case tactics, and best practices.

  • Support Center Tutorials

    we provide 24/7 online support resources on our searchable support site. Find answers to FAQs or step-by-step user guides anytime.

  • Live Support Assistance

    For everything else that comes up. We’ll be there for you. Troubleshooting, account change assistance, and general know-how is never far away.

Program Directors.

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