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  • Learn how to reduce the risk of medical litigation related to acute and primary care practice
  • Learn how to establish a more defensible position should litigation be inevitable
  • Learn how litigation attorneys think and what you can do about it
  • Learn about physician practices most related to poor clinical outcomes and litigation exposure
  • Send a mediocolegal question to the author team

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Risk Management & Medical Malpractice Prevention Question Topics

Medical Malpractice Prevention Table of Contents

The Process
Liability Insurance Issues
Good Samaritan Immunity
Arbitration vs Jury Trial
Sources of Defense in Medical Negligence Claim
Style of Practice Issues: Patient Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction
Quality Assurance/Risk Management Caveats
Discrepancy Between the Emergency and Radiology Departments
Non-Stat Lab Results Returning to ED
ED Charting/Documentation
Supplemental Additions to the Medical Record
Electronic Health Record (EHR) vs Template vs Dictation
Medical Decision-Making
Aftercare Instructions (ACIs) and Discharge Planning
Change of Shift Issues
Refusal of a Procedure
Leaving Against Medical Advice/Elopement
Holding Orders Written by ED MD
Disagreement Between Consultant and ED MD
Working with House-Staff
Patients in Police Custody/Medical Clearance for Booking-Incarceration
What a Plaintiff Attorney Loves/Hates to See on the Chart
What a Defense Attorney Loves/Hates to See on the Chart
Q & A: Risk Management and Malpractice Prevention
Overview, Course Objectives, Contributors
Re-check/Re-assessment of Patients Previously Evaluated
Malpractice Prevention


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