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Med-Challenger is the proven leader in online medical educationMed-Challenger is the proven leader in online medical education


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med-challenger PACEMD USMLE review course
PACEMD USMLE review course online medical education

5000+ Questions

High-Yield Q&A mapped to the USMLE exam blueprint.

Med-Challenger is the most effective, easiest to use English language USMLE review question bank for the USMLE exam. Med-Challenger's USMLE Qbank with intelligent self-assessment provides everything you need to pass the USMLE certification exam (and get a head start on future annual MOC requirements) all in one powerful and convenient access point online.


  • Prepare for the United States Medical Licensure Examination
  • 100% Pass-guaranteed
  • USMLE exam prep with adaptive learning
  • Over 5000 board-style Q&A covering USMLE Step 2 CK and Step 3
  • Content organized and weighted upon the U.S. Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®) exam blueprint
  • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation

PACE MD is an international hybrid organization that focuses on global health and social impact. We support health providers and health care systems to be changemakers and leaders in their communities to share knowledge, skills and abilities through innovative training practices that improve the well being of patients in underserved areas.

PACE MD is proud to partner with Med-Challenger to produce this outstanding USMLE review course.

Haywood Hall, MD
PACE MD, Founder

About PACE & Med-Spanish

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In 2002, the PACE MedSpanish Global Health Program emerged as a social impact initiative. Today, it spans several sectors of medical care that help improve health in North America and Latin America.

The MedSpanish program has two fundamental purposes:

1. Students are incorporated as part of the work team of clinics, hospitals, rural and ambulatory brigades, contributing to the development of health in the communities.

The potential developed by the students is strengthened thanks to the fact that this program allows them to have direct contact with the Mexican health system that includes patients, doctors, nurses, paramedics, processes, treatments, methodologies, etc. Everyone involved in this fantastic experience benefits from sharing their knowledge, experiences and points of view.

2. Students learn Spanish, one of the main objectives of students is to learn the language within the context of health care. The students take Spanish classes, for this they do a placement exam in order to place them at the level that corresponds to them, and they have an interview with a Spanish teacher who confirms that the assigned level is correct.

International students who participate in the program often collaborate with PACE by developing new training models for its application and improving development conditions.

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