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How to become a Challenger lender.

We're headed to the next level.  Help us get there.  Invest in Challenger.

Step 1:

Download the Challenger prospectus and loan document.

Download Prospectus (PDF)
Download Loan Document (PDF)

Note: PDF reader required. Get Adobe Reader here

Step 2:

Print the Loan Document. Complete the requisite declarations as instructed.

Step 3:

Mail the completed document and your check made out to "Challenger Corporation" to the following address:

Attention: Loans and Investments
Challenger Corporation
5100 Poplar Ave. #400
Memphis, TN 38137

Call 901-762-8425 for our FedEx number to ensure reliable delivery at our expense.

Step 4:

When we issue your loan certificate documents to you, file them in a safe place. You'll receive them by first-class mail within a week of our receipt of your funds.
Loan certificate


Bob Sweeney, DA, MS

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About the Challenger investment family.

Over the last two and a half decades, over 400 practicing physicians have invested in Challenger.

With interests ranging from Family Medicine to Pediatrics to Emergency Medicine, these physicians have found a place in the Challenger family while participating in the Challenger story. They share Challenger's vision and are excited about being part of our continuous growth and development.

We are excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to welcoming participants who want to take part in the next chapter of our story. We will be happy to provide references and further information narrative on request.

- Bob Sweeney

Investor testimonial...

"I have trusted substantial investments with Challenger for years. I know the product as I have enjoyed it since nearly if not its first couple years. They have never missed a payment on their loan program either, and the entire process has been seamless and easy. I will very likely invest again the next time around. There is always risk especially in investing with one company, but their fundamentals and market are solid and stable, respectfully. The product continues to improve yearly. I would never put my life’s savings In a single stock, although early Apple investors may disagree, but as a part of a diversified portfolio the earnings to risk ratio beat nearly all similar opportunities I evaluated at the time. Additionally, you get to feel like your doing a good thing by supporting your profession and education.

For me it has been and continues to be a sound investment choice."

- Randolph J. “Randy” Cordle, FACEP