Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Spider Bites and Environmental Disorders

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free board review questions of the week spider bites environmental disorders

Happy Halloween

Med-Challenger has recently updated our Environmental Disorders chapter (details below). To celebrate this spooky holiday, here's a free bonus question from the topic: Venomous Animal Injuries: Arthropods.


Can you answer this question on spider bites?

A 45-year-old attending physician presents to your emergency department in California complaining of severe pain in his forearm after being bitten by a spider while clearing out his family shed. He described a brown spider with a somewhat mottled appearance (see Figure) that scurried away after biting him.

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He states that the pain is severe but is only localized to his forearm. He is diaphoretic, his heart rate is 148 beats/minute, and his blood pressure is elevated at 160/90 mm Hg.

What type of arthropod is this, and what is the recommended therapy?

Answer Options

Latrodectus geometricus (brown widow); pain management
Latrodectus mactans (black widow); antivenom administration
Loxosceles reclusa (brown recluse); dapsone administration
Opiliones species (daddy longlegs, harvesters); pain management

And the answer is …

Environmental Disorders Update Details:

Updated based on the most current editions of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, and Auerbach's Wilderness Medicine.

Electrical and Lightning Injuries
Heat-Related Illnesses
High Altitude Disorders
Hypothermia – Accidental
Scuba Diving and Dysbarism
Venomous Animal Injuries: Arthropods
Marine Animal Envenomation/Injuries
Venomous Animal Injuries: Reptiles

Looking for more creepy, crawly board review questions?

Med-Challenger's got you covered. Our section on Environmental Disorders, featured in our Emergency Medicine board review courses, has recently been fully updated, as well as many other Emergency Medicine topics. It's packed full of questions on venomous animal injuries that are sure to leave you shaking in your scrubs.
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