Instantly add online distance learning capabilities to your healthcare institution or training program.

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Group Medical Education made easy.

Distance Learning Solutions for GME Programs and Healthcare Groups

Med-Challenger provides clinical training programs and other healthcare groups an efficient and effective online "distance learning" abilities to their traditional medical training and healthcare quality programs.  

Our cloud-based platform is in place at medical residencies, nursing programs, and private healthcare organizations across the globe.  Our platform allows training program faculty, their students, and others to quickly create and remotely deliver education content, knowledge assessment, track activities centrally, predict high-stakes certification exam success, and prove the viability of training. 

Our system requires no infrastructure or set up on your end.  Everyone in your group will enjoy an easy-to-use online account.  Faculty can use our gold-standard clinical content and question banks or create their own questions and custom exams - even blend the two as needed - and send out detailed online assignments to your cohorts wherever they may be.  Administrators can watch the scores come in and mastery improve on one screen.  Program directors can quickly address outliers and otherwise ensure everyone is progressing properly and set to achieve top-shelf results in perfect time.   We support all major clinical specialties as well as required continuing education and maintenance of certification mandates.  There are ongoing CME updates and professional perks for all as well.

  • Onboard Learners

    Easily onboard learners onto 24/7 online adjunct education, understand knowledge quality, assign & track activities.

  • Build Q&A and Exams

    Use our gold-standard questions and assessments - build your own - or blend the two for gap-proof online education.

  • Get Actionable Data

    Med-Challenger gives program administrators an at-a-glance look at essential data so you can take action.

"High quality content, assessment, insights and more. Everything program directors need to create and deliver targeted education that improves outcomes."David Bauer, MD, FM Residency Director
Group Assessment and Quality Control

Peer-Reviewed Content Library

Blueprint-based, on-call, and uniquely flexible.

Pick from our library of training question banks.

Board Review Question Banks & Online CME Courses for Individual Clinicians, Healthcare Providers, and Groups

Choose what content assets you'd like to have in your account(s). We'll maintain everything - so you get just "get it done."

State CME Requirements

Best in class assessment.

Improve scores, pass-rates, MOC compliance, knowledge quality and quality of care across every clinician in your group.

Our adaptive learning engine keeps track of every missed question and re-issues Q&A intelligently, use after use, until all Q&A have been seen & mastered. After every board exam simulation, users automatically receive a learning prescription with links to "deeper dive" remediation Q&A.

Program managers can even build custom exams from Med-Challenger content, save those definitions, and utilize them as assignments. This means you can create rotation-based adaptive exams that drill home concepts in bite-sized activities.

Group medical education, clinician knowledge assessment and knowledge quality control has never been more powerful, efficient, or flexible. No matter the application, no matter the size of the group, everybody gets instant benefits with Med-Challenger's medical education platform.

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Improve Scores with out Best in Class Assessment

Instant Remediation Guidance

Learners receive a complete cycle of remediation - automatically
before you've even checked the results.

Online adjunct education and assessment is ideal for improving clinician training & quality of care outcomes, but getting a more powerful effect without Program Manager labor is even better.

Add in :
Custom Exams
Progress Tracking
and you can shape your program like never before.

Instant Remediation Guidance with Med-Challenger

Build Custom Exams

Med-Challenger's Custom Exam Builder completes the cycle of remediation

  • Exam Wizard

    Easily craft custom exam definitions that dynamically use Med-Challenger content.

  • Save Exam Definitions

    Exams follow your definitions to pull select amounts of content from subject areas every use. Adaptive learning drives mastery of missed Q&A.

  • Assign Your Exams

    Custom Exams can be used in Assignment Manager scheduling for on-point control of rotation-based assessment and remediation objectives.

Group Education Control

Complete system of learner activity control - on demand.

  • Assignments & Calendar

    Assign quality content your way with incredible control over your learner's experience.

  • Compliance & Performance Metrics

    Ensure everyone is on task, and quickly identify "weak areas" for remediation.

  • Assign Your Custom Exams

    Our Assignment Manager allows you to schedule custom exams for on-point control of rotation-based assessment and remediation objectives.

Group Education Control

Assignment Management

Set activities, post-assessment behaviors, and track performance.

I've noticed a clear pattern on In-Service examinations between the residents who did their Med-Challenger assignments and those who didn’t. The ones who did the Med-Challenger assignments scored better in all subject areas; the ones who had not completed their Med-Challenger assignments did worse across the board.P. Griner, MD

  • Assignment Wizard

    Easy to use Assignment Wizard makes mapping program objectives easy.

  • Advanced Options

    Set passing scores and behaviors of what is allowed and/or seen after an assigned assessment is completed.

  • Drag & Drop Calendaring

    Your assignees will be able to see their assignments on their account dashboards for on-time compliance. Modify assignments on the fly.

Manage Assignments, set activities and track performance

Reports & Analytics

Set activities, post-assessment behaviors, and track performance.

With an adaptive platform that’s ideally suited to the needs of residency programs, Med-Challenger is relied on by more than 5,000 residents at over 250 programs across the United States and around the world.

  • Score Cards

    Pick date ranges, learners, and more and get PDF-ready performance reports in a flash

  • Compliance Reports

    Check required MOC, CME credit, HIPAA and other complaince needs and head off surprises and risk

  • Progress Dashboards

    Track assignment and assessment activities across all learners, even across locations, from a single spot.

Reports and Analytics allow you to set activities and track performance

Education Platform Features

Innovative Features for Training Programs & Groups

With its digital format, extensive question banks, adaptive auto-remediation, clinician knowledge assessment, learner activity controls, and robust reporting, Med-Challenger is the right medical education platform for any education program.