Online Assignments Manager

Learner activity control made easy.

Powerful online medical education learner management and assignment activity controls for clinical training programs and medical education directors.

Track Assignment Activity and Compliance

Monitor uptake, compliance, and performance outcomes across all learners and locations on a single screen.

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Med-Challenger Assignment Management

Easy-to-use Assignment Wizard

Step-by-step Assignment Wizard makes assignment management "out of the box" easy.

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Med-Challenger Assignment Management

Shared Calendaring

Lay out and manage current and upcoming assignments the easy way and remove any assignee excuses for non-compliance

Calendar and Gantt Views

Program Directors can utilize calendar and Gantt chart views to lay out a series of assigned activities, manage timelines, and better avoid training conflicts.

Calendars help organize dates while Gantt longitudinal charting helps show concurrent assignment dates, helping administrators avoid bottlenecks and overloads.

Give yourself and your learners a better idea of what to prepare for by scheduling assignments out months in advance.

If changes are needed, you can modify assignments on the fly at any time.

“When working with groups, organization is key - but Med-Challenger's Assignment Calendar is so much more than just a calendar. This is a complete scheduling hub, and it has become the backbone of my program.”A. French, MD, Program Director
Med-Challenger Assignment Calendar
Med-Challenger Assignment Calendar, Gantt Chart
assignment manager by med-challenger

Get to individual details and modify assignments on the fly.

View your learners' progress as a group or individually, and edit and manage independent assignments quickly, simply by clicking on the chosen assignment and adjusting the settings.

Assignment Settings and Behaviors

Set activities, post-assessment behaviors, and track performance.

We know education directors not only need quality content and testing - they need reliable, flexible, and intelligent tools to control education activities and compliance from anywhere.

Med-Challenger Assignments was designed with this in mind.

Assignment options are versatile, easily customizable, and numerous. Need to set a specific time limit on one of your assignments? You got it. Want your learners to have access to the answer key after completion? You can do that, too. The list goes on and on.

Med-Challenger Assignment Management

What all can I do when setting up assignments?

  • Set Effective / Due Date

    Set the due date, decide how long you’d like the assignment to be effective, & choose whether or not these settings apply to all assignments.

  • Set Number of Tries

    Decide whether or not you’d like to allow your learners to retake assignments, and set the number of attempts.

  • Set Time Limit

    Would you like the assignment to be timed? If this setting is enabled, the assessment is automatically scored when time expires.

  • Select the Content

    Choose the course you desire - filter by chapter or topic - and select specific exams from within the chosen course - or even assign Custom Exams.

  • Show Prescriptive Remediation & Answer Key

    If you chose to enable this feature, your learners can benefit from Med-Challenger’s Prescriptive Remediation feature, which offers a suggested learning path to address their individual weaknesses

  • Select Assignees

    Issue the same assessment/exam to all assignees, or assign them individually or by group.

  • Set Passing Score

    The suggested passing score is set at 80 - set the bar higher or lower to fit your needs.

  • Assignee Notifications

    Decide if your learners receive notifications on the date the assignment is created, when they can start the assignment, both, or neither.

  • Assignment Completion Notifications

    Decide if you’d like to receive notifications when each assignee completes an assignment, when an assignee fails to complete an assignment, and/or on the date the assignment is due.

Build and Assign Custom Exams too!
Our custom exam builder gives program directors the ability to create custom exams, save them, and use them as assignments for their group.

Discover Weak Area "Hot Spots"

Prioritize remediative instruction by understanding areas of shared difficulty and maximize your training time.

In addition to pain-free control and assessment of your group, Med-Challenger’s Assignments feature gives education directors a bead on any areas of shared knowledge deficiency.

These areas of “shared knowledge deficiency” are what we call “hot spots.“

“Hot Spots gives me a great way to know where to aim my group teaching time in order to benefit the most trainees.”E. Cullen, MD, Program Faculty
Med-Challenger Group Assignment, Hot Spots

Program Directors.

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