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About ABIM MOC Requirements

Maintenance of Certification, or MOC, is a program by which a Board Certified physician maintains and retains their Board Certification. It is essential that practicing physicians ensure the medical knowledge they employ to inform their decisions and treat patients is up-to-date.

MOC activities address recent advances in medical knowledge and are designed to support you in staying current with ever-changing knowledge and practices within your discipline.

To be reported as certified by ABIM, you must earn 100 points every five years, 20 of which must be medical knowledge, and meet the MOC assessment requirement through either the traditional 10-year exam or the Knowledge Check-In option.

The ABIM has an outline of the general MOC requirements that physicians must follow. Other boards, such as the ABPN, offer alternative requirements. They fall into specific yearly increments:

General ABIM MOC requirements:

  • Every 2 Years, to be reported as participating in MOC

    Complete at least one MOC activity – Points earned will count toward your 5-year requirement

  • Every 5 Years, to stay certified

    Earn 100 MOC points – 20 of which must be medical knowledge

  • Every 10 Years, to stay certified

    Pass the MOC exam within 10 years of when you last passed, or ake the Knowledge Check-In every 2 years

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