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Create your own questions online - use them in assignable online custom exams - build and organize question libraries - share questions for use across faculty for gap-proof education and assessment - all within Med-Challenger.

Med-Challenger has introduced new custom content authoring tools to its online medical education platform. With our new Custom Question Builder, group program managers and educators can now create, edit, organize, and deploy your own custom questions in assignable custom exams within Med-Challenger.

You can even BLEND your custom questions with questions from Med-Challenger's gold-standard reviews to create a completely gap-proof online clinical knowledge assessment solution.

Use our gold-standard content - Create your own - or BLEND the two!
Education Program Managers - build assignable custom exams using our content, your own content, or blend the two. Med-Challenger give you unparalleled flexibility in online course creation and online knowledge assessment.
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Online Question Authoring Tools

Group Program Administrators with Authoring Tools enabled have the ability to create custom questions, libraries, exams, and more. Schedule a free demonstration or call 1-800-676-0822 for more information.

Build your own questions and create a question library.

“My Questions” is the component where you can create, edit, and organize your custom questions. Here’s an example of a few folders with questions placed inside.

Organize your question library.

Entering “My Questions” takes you to your Question Library. This is where you can add, edit, and reorganize your questions.

You can search for questions within your library using the search field.

Search filters items by text and by tag.

custom question library - organize your questions

Create folders.

Organize your questions and folders with drag-and-drop ease.

custom question library - organize by drag and drop

Easy-to-Use, Online Question Editor

Quickly build your own questions online. No HTML coding experience necessary.

custom question builder - insert images

Build questions online.

Our WYSIWYG (“What-you-see-is-what-you-get”) question editor allow you to:
  • Build question descriptions (label your questions for purpose / subject matter)
  • Upload your own images (add imagery to Q stems and remediation)
  • Add search tags to each question (for question searches)
  • Build question stems (full HTML formatting allowed)
  • Build answer options sets (designate correct and incorrect answers)
  • Build instant-feedback remediative answer explanations and external reference links
    • “Default,” simple option uses a single answer explanation (remediation passage) for both correct and incorrect question responses
    • “Advanced” option allows for different correct and incorrect explanations
    • “None” option provides no custom remediation, simply an indication of correct or incorrect.

Question types include:

  • single answer
  • multi-answer
  • true/false

More question types are planned.

Upload & Insert Images

Enhance your questions with images. Simply upload your images using the image uploader (.png, .jpg, .gif)

Select an image from our image library and click “insert image.”

custom question builder - insert images
Preview questions.
medical education assignment manager - Med-Challenger

Use Custom Questions in Custom Exams

Create Exams Using Your Custom Questions

Once your question library houses your questions, you can then use your custom questions to create custom exams using our Custom Exam Builder.

YES! You can now build customized online exams using your own questions – and then use Assignments to assign them out to your online learners!

custom exam builder - Med-Challenger

Create Exams Using Multiple Sources

When you are creating a custom exam, when you select a course (a question bank resource), choose “Custom Questions.”

Your custom questions are their own question bank. You can build an exam using your questions only – or use multiple question sources to create a blended exams featuring your own questions and some from Med-Challenger content.

Guided Remediation links take you to deeper dives in areas of weakness.Guided Remediation links take you to deeper dives in areas of weakness.

E-Assign Your Custom Exams

Once you've created a custom exam using your questions, our integrated Assignment Manager allows you to schedule and send digital assignments to your learners from anywhere.

Assignment management includes shared calendaring, real-time compliance tracking data, and performance metrics.

Assignment performance metrics offer an easy way to compare learner proficiency. You'll see exactly where knowledge deficiencies on assigned materials remain - and you can push targeted remediation on the spot.

Assign custom exams online using your custom questionsAssign custom exams online using your custom questions

Share Questions Across Institutional Faculty

Share and minimize the content and testing workload. Craft gap-proof program curricula and testing. Save faculty time every year.

custom exam builder - Med-Challenger

Authors can share their custom questions with other faculty authors for use in assignable custom exams.

If other authors are enabled under your group institution, you can view and use questions from others – if allowed by the question author.

Status Settings

Authors can set a status of questions for view and use.

  • Published
  • Draft
  • Under Review
  • Retired

Published questions are available to review and use in Custom Exams. Only the owner of a question can edit it. Question set to Draft, Under Review, or Retired will be available to the owner author to edit, but not available in custom exam builders.

share questions with other faculty

Privacy Settings

In-group authors can make their questions public or private.

  • Me Only
  • Other Authors in my Institution (shared)

If a question is marked “me only” then no one but the owner can see the question. If a question is "shared" then other authors in your institution can see and use your questions in building their own custom exams.

Tired of Content Maintenance? Unite, Blend, and Conquer!
Question Library sharing and multi-source exam building means your program can quickly select or build a lasting, time-saving curricula for program education, self-study, and cohort knowledge assessment specific to your objectives - and use your custom assets - over and over - year after year for improved in-training communication, stronger exam scores and matriculation rates, and other program outcomes.
“Med-Challenger is the first online education platform to offer custom question authoring with integrated deployment abilities to its users. Whether you use our gold-standard questions, build your own – or blend the two – there’s no limit to what you can craft, push, and achieve with Med-Challenger year after year.”David Beard, Med-Challenger CEO
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