Med-Challenger Content Updates – January 2019

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Med-Challenger's medical education content updates for January 2019

Medical Education Content Updates: January 2019

Take a look at all the clinical education content updates Med-Challenger completed in January 2019.

Med-Challenger’s team of practicing physician educators and medical editors review and update product content daily to ensure we provide the most up-to-date information and review questions in all products at all times. Updates are typically specialty-specific and are applied seamlessly to live course content daily.

We just want to share what we’ve added or revised every month to show you we’re always working to maintain and improve our products so you can rely on the ongoing value of your Med-Challenger purchases without hesitation, worry, or delay.

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January 2019 updates include…

Family Medicine

Pediatric Dermatology

Geriatrics: Pharmacotherapy

Emergency Medicine

Endocrine Disorders: Adrenal Glands
Cutaneous Infections
Dermatitis (Non-Infectious)
Red and White Blood Cell Disorders

Internal Medicine

Dysrhythmias/Conduction Defects
Valvular Heart Disease
Diabetes Mellitus
Esophageal Disease
Stomach and Duodenum
Primary Geriatrics
Diseases of the Vulva and Vagina

Pediatric Medicine

Parasitic Infections
Congenital Heart Disease
Infections of the Urinary Tract
Renal Failure
Erythrocyte Disorders
Urinary Tract Infections

Additional Updates

Med-Challenger OBGYN:
Post Term Pregnancy
Antibiotics in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Female Puberty
Screening and Regular Health Care

Med-Challenger PA:
Pericardial Disease
Signs and Symptoms: Hemoptysis

Med-Challenger NP:
Primary Geriatrics

Med-Challenger Nurse:
Safe and Effective Care Environment: Management of Care

Med-Challenger State Required CME:
Medical Law

Med-Challenger Dermatology:
Dermatophyte Infections
Herpes Simplex

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