Automatic Prescriptive Remediation

Get a guided learning “prescription” after every adaptive exam simulation and shore up weak areas of knowledge in no time.

prescriptive remediation feature
Med-Challenger tells you exactly where you need to focus. I have saved so much time by using their prescriptive remediation. I feel like I’ve learned twice as much in half the time.”G. Sanderlin, MD

The idea behind our Prescriptive Remediation feature is to streamline the process of learning and enable you to make noticeable progress in the most time-efficient manner. Let us provide you with the fastest, most immediately gratifying way to overhaul your study habits and improve your knowledge quality.

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of medical knowledge there is to grasp while preparing for your board exams or fulfilling Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements, you will benefit greatly by taking advantage of Med-Challenger’s unique Prescriptive Remediation feature. Simply take an exam and we’ll do the rest!

Don’t spend too much time worrying whether or not you’re answering the questions correctly or incorrectly right out of the gate. The results of your exam simulation will serve as a baseline from which we can assess what you know, what you don’t know, where you could stand to improve, and how. With those results, we will prescribe the best course of action.

The ultimate goal is knowledge retention. The beauty of our Prescriptive Remediation feature is that it’s automatically built in to all Med-Challenger exams. What could be better than having everything you need all in one place?

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Instant Assessment Results

With guidance to recommended deeper dives.

  • Full Assessment Results

    Quickly see areas of missed questions. View missed or all answers. Retake anytime. Great for exams. Great for routine knowledge self-assessment.

  • Speeds Exam Prep & Training

    Ideal for Program Directors too because your learners receive a complete cycle of remediation – automatically – before you’ve even checked your assignment results.

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Speeds Exam Prep & Training

Find your weaknesses and master problem areas quickly and easily.

After completion of exam simulations, you get a full breakdown of your results, as well as a “learning prescription,” featuring links to additional remediation content. The “prescription” we provide automatically pinpoints specific topics that could stand to be revisited, and provides you with direct links to further practice exams in those areas.

Our Prescriptive Remediation feature enables you to spend less time trudging through content you’ve already grasped, and directs your attention to areas that could use immediate improvement. It is, in essence, a suggested learning path – a map to success.

Guided Remediation links take you to deeper dives in areas of weakness.
The ultimate goal is knowledge quality repair in the shortest time possible.

Ideal for Program Directors & Institutions

Track group performance, identify common weak spots, and address problems head-on

Looking for ways to jump start your group’s education before they ever walk through the door? With Med-Challenger’s Prescriptive Remediation feature, your learners receive a complete cycle of remediation – automatically – before you’ve even checked your assignment results.

For GME & Training Institutions
For Healthcare Organizations
“My residents had rounds of remediation before I’d even met them. They began studying before I began teaching them. I was amazed by how far they’d come on their first day!”S. Murray, MD

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