Clinical Skills Courses

CLinical skills courses for healthcare providers

Clinical skills courses for healthcare providers teach and enhance clinical skills.
Verify your knowledge and improve your clinical skills for improved outcomes.

Heart Sounds Course

Learn the Cardiac Auscultation
  • Heart auscultation review for physicians, PAs, and nurses
  • Over 100 case-based questions and high-yield explanations
  • Learn normal and abnormal heart sounds with audio examples
  • Identify pathology underlying abnormal heart sounds

Lung Sounds Course

Learn the Pulmonary Auscultation
  • Lung auscultation course for physicians, PAs, and nurses
  • Over 100 case-based questions and high-yield explanations
  • Review bronchial, vesicular, crackle, wheeze, rhonchi and more
  • Identify differential diagnosis and treatment for respiratory events

ECG Interpretation Cases

Learn Electrocardiogram Basics and Special Cases
  • Comprehensive review of ECG / EKG interpretation basics
  • Over 100 NBME-formatted questions and high-yield explanations
  • Covers common diseases that can be recognized by ECG
  • Learn ECG-relevant anatomy, electrophysiology and pathophysiology

ECG Principles

Learn the Principles of Electrocardiography
  • Comprehensive review of ECG / EKG mechanics and interpretation
  • Over 100 case-based questions with high-yield explanations
  • Identify normal and abnormal ECG features and variations
  • Covers common diseases that can be recognized by ECG

EM Ultrasound

Learn EM Ultrasound and Guided Procedures
  • Comprehensive review of emergency medicine ultrasound
  • Over 100 NBME-formatted questions and high-yield explanations
  • Learn ultrasound technology, diagnostic techniques and procedures
  • Ideal of all level of practitioner and ARDMS certification exam prep

Cesarean Delivery

Video-based Training Course in Cesarean Delivery
  • Video-based demonstration of cesarean delivery
  • Overview of the steps involved in cesarean delivery
  • Review of cesarean delivery complications and their treatment
  • Over 100 case-based board-style Q&A

Acute Care Radiology

Learn Acute Care Radiology Interpretation
  • Review radiologic imaging findings in acute care patient cases
  • Over 150 case-based questions and high-yield explanations
  • Newly added - 38 new Q&A, 15 new cases, 50 new CT and MRI images
  • Improve your recognition / description of acute care radiography cases

Pediatric Radiology

Learn Pediatric Radiology Interpretation
  • Review radiologic imaging findings in pediatric patients
  • Over 100 case-based questions and high-yield explanations
  • Recognize and describe features in pediatric x-ray abnormalities
  • Improve interpretation of pediatric radiography images

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