From the CEO: How Med-Challenger Improves Clinical Training Program Outcomes

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how med-challenger improves clinical training outcomes

From the CEO: How Med-Challenger Improves Medical Training Program Outcomes

How Med-Challenger Improves Clinical Training Outcomes

Insights from the CEO

Watch a brief video with Med-Challenger CEO, Robert V. Anderson, discussing how clinical training programs benefit from online adjunct self-assessment and performance tracking features found in Med-Challenger’s group medical education platform.

Program directors, deans for graduate medical education (GME), and core faculty have diverse responsibilities for training program efficiency, exam score outcomes, and matriculation rates. One fundamental responsibility is to prepare graduates for unsupervised practice. Program directors, in particular, play a key role in this preparation and, ultimately, in the delivery of high-quality GME and first-class health care providers.

“With Med-Challenger you can augment the impact of all the education by providing adjunct online, supportive self-assessment and automatic remediation in conjunction with your rotational training.”Robert V. Anderson, CEO, Med-Challenger

Over the past decade, Med-Challenger has been helping medical residencies, fellowship programs, PA and nurse training programs, and medical schools achieve better outcomes thanks to 24/7 online curricula, testing, tracking, and performance controls.

Previous Med-Challenger cohort studies have shown institutional programs that have adopted Med-Challenger’s platform as part of their training program have typically realized a rise in exam scores on average of around 14% – and as much as 30% in some cases.

With Med-Challenger’s group medical education and training programs, it’s easy to track key performance measures, spot trends, initiate remediation and highlight successes.

“Everyone gets a very customized, focused experience of remediation based on their weak areas of knowledge. It does that automatically, so if you just provide this to everyone in your group – whether or not you assign activities in a specifically controlled manner – they have the ability to self-improve.

Moreover, you’re able to see who’s doing what, when, and how well they’ve done it – so you can react effectively.”
Robert V. Anderson, CEO, Med-Challenger

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About the CEO

Robert “Bobby” V. Anderson was named Chief Executive Officer of Med-Challenger (a.k.a. Challenger Corporation) in 2017. Mr. Anderson has over two decades of experience in digital education products and services, having previously served as Director of Learning Technologies and President of the firm. Mr. Anderson is responsible for the development and expansion of Med-Challenger’s education products into all major medical specialties, creating the largest, most-trusted library of its kind. He is the visionary responsible for designing and producing the first online board exam simulation experience with prescriptive remediation feedback as well as developing the Med-Challenger’s leading group medical education and quality improvement platform, currently in use at clinical training programs and healthcare organizations worldwide. Mr. Anderson is also an award winning filmmaker, musician, artist, lifelong soccer player, and family man.

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