New Primary Care Content Updates, Spring 2019

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Med-Challenger primary care content updates spring 2019

One of the biggest benefits of owning Med-Challenger is that your education investments continue to provide you with the most current information for your medical practice and board certification maintenance needs. After all, practice continues – board exams or not. Here’s a listing of select Spring 2019 content updates and course enhancements now live in select Primary Care Med-Challenger online … Read More

How to Create Online Assignments: Program Director Suite

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how to create assignments with Med-Challenger for Institutions

Med-Challenger’s online group education Program Director Suite allows education program directors to issue online assignments to distance learners and brings back all performance data into a single view.  Program directors can track student assignment compliance and performance, compare results, and ultimately get every student to the finish line, well-trained, well-tested, prepared for certification exams, and on track for timely graduation. … Read More

New Question Authoring Tools – Create, Edit, Deploy Your Own Questions Online

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make your own custom questions online with Med-Challenger

Med-Challenger has introduced new question authoring tools to its online medical education platform. Group program managers and educators can now create, edit, organize, and deploy your own custom questions – all within Med-Challenger. That’s right!  With Med-Challenger’s on-demand, exam-based question banks – and the ability to add your own questions – there’s no faster, easier, or more flexible way to create … Read More

Stop Online Cheating at Your Medical Program

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Stop Cheating at Your Medical Program with Built-in Anti-Cheat Protection

Cheaters don’t have a chance to succeed with Med-Challenger’s online medical education platform. It stops cheaters cold. Online distance learning platforms are more popular than ever – and our leading medical education platform is no different. Our platform is used at residency programs, nursing programs, and medical schools for fast, efficient online knowledge assessment and exam preparation. One of the … Read More

ACGME Residency Milestone Management Suite – Track Resident Competency

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online ACGME milestone management

Med-Challenger has introduced ACGME Milestone management for resident clinical competency evaluation to its online group education platform. Residency program managers and educators can now easily log achievement of specialty-based ACGME training milestones by learner and group cohort within their Med-Challenger accounts online. Milestone competency achievement is one of the many processes that must be evaluated, tracked and reported by program directors. … Read More

Build, Save, and Re-Use Personalized Adaptive Custom Exams with Med-Challenger

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Build Your Own Custom Exams

Med-Challenger’s custom exam builder provides flexible, re-usable options for self-study, exam review, and other knowledge assessment activities. Users can apply multiple course assets to a single custom exam! Once created and saved, custom exams will follow the content source and content allocation parameters you’ve set every time it’s used. This way, you can set up preferred ways to self-assess and … Read More

2019 New Features in Online Medical Education

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2019 new features in medical education

As 2019 begins, Med-Challenger would like to thank all of the individual clinicians and medical training programs using Med-Challenger for better knowledge assessment and quality of care improvement outcomes. We have 2019 new features coming your way! Med-Challenger has all new items for 2019 – including some new 2019 features that you won’t find anywhere else! We’ll be announcing each … Read More

New “Crash” Review Option for Fast Comprehensive Knowledge Review

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Crash exams show you unseen or unanswered questions first before any questions are repeated

In response to the needs and preferences of clinical professionals everywhere, Med-Challenger has developed a new comprehensive self-assessment review algorithm, we’re calling CRASH review. Crash-style assessments are complementary to our industry-leading “Smart” board exam simulations and can be found in all major specialty reviews. It’s a new knowledge review assessment type and algorithm that prioritizes any “unseen” or unanswered questions in … Read More

Product Development Updates: October 2018 – Enhanced Navigation

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Med-Challenger Product Development

Med-Challenger continues to build and enhance its leading clinical education platform for both individual users and group program administrators. True to our mission, we’ve recently enhanced several screens and application navigation options to help all our users save time – and save clicks. The fact is, we’re developing new content and functions in a way that outpaces everyone else. There’s … Read More

Try Our Free Board Review Questions Through Med-Challenger’s Instagram Pop Quiz

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free board review questions pop quiz on instagram

Med-Challenger’s wildly popular, 100% free Quick Quiz, offering weekly board review questions for physicians, PAs, nurses, and students, has a brand new iteration – on social media! Join us on Instagram to participate in our new Med-Challenger Pop Quiz. To access our new Pop Quiz, simply follow us on Instagram and check out our “stories”. We will periodically share hand-picked, … Read More