Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Antiseizure Medication

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Free board review question of the week on seizures

A 23-year-old woman presents to you after having experienced a seizure 2 hours ago, her second such seizure in 1 year. Her first seizure was followed by a comprehensive evaluation and no underlying etiology could be identified. As is standard practice after a single seizure with no known cause, she was not started on an antiseizure medication. This second seizure … Read More

12 Tips for Avoiding Opioid-related Prescription Trouble

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Opioid Prescription Best Practices

Your medical license is likely your most valuable – and expensive – investment. Don’t lose it by taking needless risks that could result in the diversion of prescription drugs to illegitimate use. Understand the laws designed to prevent diversion, know how the government investigates and prosecutes it, and apply practical steps you can take right now to stay on the … Read More

AAENP Emergency Nurse Practitioner Review Course with ANCC Contact Hour CNE

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aaenp emergency nurse practitioner review course ancc contact hour cne

Med-Challenger’s emergency nurse practitioner course covers content areas for both the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners (AAENP) emergency NP certification exam, including clinical knowledge needed to practice in a modern-day emergency department, such as emergency medical screening, decision-making, differential diagnosis, patient management, and professional/legal/ethical issues related to emergency NP practice. With … Read More

New AANP / ANCC FNP Family Nurse Practitioner Review with ANCC “contact hour” CNEs

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Family Nurse Practitioner Review Course

Med-Challenger’s Nurse Practitioner review course is written by Nurse Practitioners for Nurse Practitioners. It covers the FNP exam blueprint for both American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) family nurse practitioner certification exams, including clinical knowledge in family/individuals across the life span (prenatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, elderly, and frail elderly primary care). Med-Challenger’s NP … Read More

Med-Challenger ENP Education Case Study: Drexel University ENP Program

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Drexel University ENP Program Case Study

This ENP education case study outlines how emergency nurse practitioner ENP programs can ultimately improve ENP training efficiency and performance outcomes with the adoption of online group knowledge assessment and performance tracking tools. With the 2017 accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner – Certified (ENP-C) designation, ENP’s became one of the now … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Xanthoma

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Free board review question of the week on xanthoma

A 35-year-old woman with no known long-term medical conditions presents to you for her annual physical examination. She does not have any symptoms. She denies smoking, alcohol use, or using illicit drugs. She does not have a family history of coronary artery disease at a young age. Her vital signs are: blood pressure 125/80 mm Hg, pulse 75 beats/minute, respiratory … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Free board review question of the week on sexually transmitted infections

A 22-year-old woman presents with vaginal discharge that she has had for several weeks. On examination, you note purulent discharge from the os of the cervix and a friable cervix. She is minimally tender on bimanual examination, is not febrile, and she has a normal white blood cell count. You collect swabs of the discharge to test for chlamydia and … Read More

Family Nurse Practitioner FNP Board Certification Information

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fnp family nurse practitioner board certification information

There are two certification options: Additional resources: Med-Challenger FNP – Family Nurse Practitioner Qbank contains 2,000 questions and in-depth explanations of the correct and incorrect answer choices.  Try it for free. Med-Challenger offers online nursing education courses for pass-guaranteed ANCC, AANP, & AAENP nursing exam review and CE requirements for nurse practitioners. With Med-Challenger, you can assemble everything your nursing career requires – … Read More

Free Nurse Practitioner Board Review Question of the Week – Atrial Fibrillation

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Free board review question of the week atrial fibrillation

Med-Challenger offers atrial fibrillation review along with everything else that nurse practitioners need to stay up-to-date and pass ANCC/AANP exams with in-depth review questions with detailed explanations. More nurse practitioner review questions can be accessed via a free trial of Med-Challenger NP: Start Free Full Trial Atrial fibrillation review can also be found in a host of other Med-Challenger products … Read More

Pharmacotherapy CEs for Nurse Practitioners, CNSs & APRNs

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Nurse practitioners (NPs), Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs), and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) need to earn Pharmacotherapy CEs as part of their maintenance of certification requirements. Per the ANCC, contact hours in pharmacotherapeutics are needed by nurse practitioners (NP) and Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) for certification renewal. Nurses can easily earn ANCC pharmatherapeutic CEs by working through topic-based … Read More