Cardiac Auscultation Online Course

Med-Challenger Heart Sounds

Online cardiac auscultation review course with heart sounds audio cases and Q&A.

  • For physicians, PAs, and nurses interested in cardiac auscultation
  • Identify normal heart sound auscultation and the differentiation from abnormal sounds
  • List auscultation sites and methods for differentiating abnormal heart sounds and which pathology is causing them
  • Over 100 board-style Q&A including heart sounds audio media examples
  • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation
  • Great for personal review or group training program education
Cardiac Auscultation Online Course

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Med-Challenger Heart Sounds
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Med-Challenger Heart Sounds
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cardiac auscultation skills review
“Great heart sound assessment course. Improved my clinical skills.”D. Kennedy, MD, Internal Medicine

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Master Cardiac Auscultation Skills Review with the #1 Online Cardiac Auscultations Review Course.

  • Everything you need to know.
    • Written & peer-reviewed by medical specialists
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  • everything you need to know

Content & Questions

Med-Challenger offers the most exam-focused content and review questions.

Over 100

Heart Sounds Question Topics

Cardiac Auscultation Skills Review Table of Contents

The First Heart Sound: Splitting of S1 and Aortic Ejection Sounds
The First Heart Sound: Pulmonary Ejection Clicks
The First Heart Sound: Loudness of the First Heart Sound
The Second Heart Sound: S2
The Second Heart Sound: Fixed Split of S2
The Second Heart Sound: Paradoxical Split of S2
The Second Heart Sound: Tambour S2
The Opening Snap
The Third and Fourth Heart Sounds: S3
The Third and Fourth Heart Sounds: S4
Ejection Murmurs and Clicks: Ejection Murmurs
Ejection Murmurs and Clicks: Distinguishing the Severity of Aortic Stenosis
Ejection Murmurs and Clicks: Pulmonary Stenosis
Ejection Murmurs and Clicks: Ejection and Non-Ejection Clicks
Systolic Regurgitant Murmurs: Mitral Regurgitation
Systolic Regurgitant Murmurs: Tricuspid Regurgitation
Systolic Regurgitant Murmurs: Ventricular Septal Defect
Diastolic Murmurs: Mitral Stenosis
Diastolic Murmurs: Tricuspid Stenosis
Diastolic Murmurs: Aortic Regurgitation
Diastolic Murmurs: Austin Flint Murmurs
Continuous Murmurs, Rubs and Historical Sounds: Continuous Murmurs
Continuous Murmurs, Rubs and Historical Sounds: Friction Rubs
Continuous Murmurs, Rubs and Historical Sounds: Historical Sounds
Continuous Murmurs, Rubs and Historical Sounds: Conclusion

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“Med-Challenger’s online heart auscultation course is very effective. Online heart sound cases and audio enhance your cardiac auscultation skills quickly.”C. Stanley, RN

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