Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Antiseizure Medication

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Free board review question of the week on seizures

A 23-year-old woman presents to you after having experienced a seizure 2 hours ago, her second such seizure in 1 year. Her first seizure was followed by a comprehensive evaluation and no underlying etiology could be identified. As is standard practice after a single seizure with no known cause, she was not started on an antiseizure medication. This second seizure … Read More

How to Train Residents Well With Restricted Resident In-Training Hours

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how to train residents well despite restricted in-training hours

ACGME duty hours were restricted in mid-2017 over concerns of resident exhaustion.  However, some say the current era of hour restrictions for residents has negatively affected physician training – that with restrictions to “training time” residents are less prepared to be effective doctors upon graduation. If the goal is to have well-rested residents, restricted hours actually don’t seem to make a … Read More

New Question Authoring Tools – Create, Edit, Deploy Your Own Questions Online

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make your own custom questions online with Med-Challenger

Med-Challenger has introduced new question authoring tools to its online medical education platform. Group program managers and educators can now create, edit, organize, and deploy your own custom questions – all within Med-Challenger. That’s right!  With Med-Challenger’s on-demand, exam-based question banks – and the ability to add your own questions – there’s no faster, easier, or more flexible way to create … Read More

What are Resident In-Training Exams?

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What are resident in-training exams

What Are Resident In-Training Exams? Resident in-training exams (ITEs) have been designed to assess residents’ progress in training. They provide program directors with comparative knowledge assessment data to better understand program year (PGY) class progress and the knowledge gaps between residents in their respective PGY. Two such tests are the American Board of Family Medicine In-Training Examination (ABFM-ITE) and the … Read More

How to Improve Resident Supervision and Residency Program Oversight

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Tips to Improve Resident Supervision

Residents in academic centers being asked to do more and more patient care, eating up education time. The corporate impact (and government funding impact) on residencies has also altered the training regimen for students. In the last 10 years, income per resident, paid by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Constipation

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Free board review question of the week on Constipation

A male neonate presents with vomiting, colic, and failure to pass stool. You order abdominal radiography. Figure 1 (left) is the supine view, and Figure 2 (right) is a contrast enema study. Figures 1 and 2. What is the diagnosis based on these radiographic findings? bowel obstruction Identify bowel obstruction as a possible cause for constipation in a neonate. Bowel … Read More

Bedside Diagnostic Challenge – 37-year-old woman with fever

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Bedside Diagnostic Skills Challenge on chest pain

Today’s Bedside Diagnostic Challenge question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief, Paul F. Griner, MD, MACP. Test your bedside diagnostic skills with this review question. A 37-year-old woman presents to a local hospital with the complaint of a high fever. She is visiting from another state and has not been ill until the onset of cough and … Read More

Internal Medicine Boards Survival Guide: How To Best Prepare for IM Boards

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how to prepare for internal medicine abim boards

Exam time is approaching, and you’re wondering how to prepare for Internal Medicine Boards. Let us help you with that! This internal medicine study guide is full of tips, tricks, and valuable insight into the art of internal medicine board prep and the inner-workings of the exam itself. Follow these steps and you’ll likely pass – and with a higher … Read More

12 Tips for Avoiding Opioid-related Prescription Trouble

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Opioid Prescription Best Practices

Your medical license is likely your most valuable – and expensive – investment. Don’t lose it by taking needless risks that could result in the diversion of prescription drugs to illegitimate use. Understand the laws designed to prevent diversion, know how the government investigates and prosecutes it, and apply practical steps you can take right now to stay on the … Read More

Know Your Guidelines – Osteoporosis

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Internal Medicine Guidelines Knowledge Check on Osteoporosis

Stay in step with current national guidelines with Med-Challenger Guideline Knowledge Checks. Today’s Guideline Knowledge Check question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief, Paul F. Griner, MD, MACP. … is estrogen now more strongly recommended for treating post-menopausal osteoporosis as compared to the last (2008) ACP osteoporosis guideline? Yes or No? The following case presentation provides the … Read More