Bedside Diagnostic Challenge – 20-year-old college student with chest pain

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Bedside Diagnostic Skills Challenge on chest pain

Today’s Bedside Diagnostic Challenge question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief, Paul F. Griner, MD, MACP. Test your bedside diagnostic skills with this review question. A 20-year-old college student presents to the student health service with the complaint of chest pain. The patient was in good health until 10 hours ago when he developed sudden sharp chest … Read More

Top Medical Education Conferences – January 2019

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Conference Schedule January 2019

Here you’ll find a list of the top January 2019 medical education conferences Med-Challenger will be attending including event dates, locations, event website links, and the booth number where our representatives will be, respectively. If you’re attending any of the conferences below, be sure to stop by and say hi. We’d love to answer any questions or provide a custom … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Miliary Tuberculosis

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Free board review question of the week on miliary tuberculosis

A 58-year-old man presents to you with confusion. He and his family emigrated from West Africa 6 months ago. His wife indicates that he has had a nonproductive cough, poor appetite, and a 50-pound unintentional weight loss over this time. His vital signs are as follows: blood pressure 96/70 mm Hg, heart rate 110 beats/minute, respiratory rate 18 breaths/minute, and … Read More

Clinical Pearl of the Month – Mild Cognitive Impairment

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Today’s Clinical Pearl of the Month question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Family Medicine Editor, Gerard Kiernan, MD, FAAFP, FHM. Test your skills with this review question. A 73-year-old woman complains of worsening memory, and reports that her husband and adult children have been worried about her recall as well. She denies depression. Her medical history includes hypertension and … Read More

New “Crash” Review Option for Fast Comprehensive Knowledge Review

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Crash exams show you unseen or unanswered questions first before any questions are repeated

In response to the needs and preferences of clinical professionals everywhere, Med-Challenger has developed a new comprehensive self-assessment review algorithm, we’re calling CRASH review. Crash-style assessments are complementary to our industry-leading “Smart” board exam simulations and can be found in all major specialty reviews. It’s a new knowledge review assessment type and algorithm that prioritizes any “unseen” or unanswered questions in … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Full-Thickness Burn

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free board review question of the week on full thickness burn

An 8-year-old boy presents to you with his parents for evaluation of a burn wound on his left upper extremity. He was helping his parents cook over a gas stove when his upper sleeve dragged into the flame and caught fire. His parents extinguished the flame with some difficulty, placed cold compresses on the wound, and brought him for evaluation. … Read More

Federal Government Updates Recommendations for Physical Activity for First Time in Ten Years

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Updated physical activity guidelines

According to recent studies, adults need a bare minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity. The kicker? Only about 20% of Americans meet these recommended guidelines. Leading a physically active lifestyle is key in reducing anxiety and depression, improving sleep, and keeping bones strong, as well as reducing your risk of high blood pressure, Type 2 … Read More

Know Your Guidelines – What Kind of Pneumonia?

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Emergency Medicine Guidelines Knowledge Check Pneumonia

Stay in step with current national guidelines with Med-Challenger Guideline Knowledge Checks. Today’s Guideline Knowledge Check question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Eberly, MD, FAAEM. Try this review question and find out if you’re following the most current guideline. A 78-year-old resident of a nursing home was discharged from the hospital after a brief admission … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Pediculosis Capitis Infection

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Free Board Review Question of the Week on Pediculosis Capitis Infection

A 5-year-old girl has been scratching her scalp and complaining of severe itching. She is otherwise healthy, has had no major medical problems, and has no allergies. She is currently an only child, but her mother is pregnant. The girl just started kindergarten 6 weeks ago. The child’s mother also has had an itchy scalp for the past several days, … Read More

Med-Challenger ENP Education Case Study: Drexel University ENP Program

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Drexel University ENP Program Case Study

This ENP education case study outlines how emergency nurse practitioner ENP programs can ultimately improve ENP training efficiency and performance outcomes with the adoption of online group knowledge assessment and performance tracking tools. With the 2017 accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner – Certified (ENP-C) designation, ENP’s became one of the now … Read More