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Become a Med-Challenger Clinical Content Contributor.

Med-Challenger’s content library drives the core educational impact of our products and services.  To ensure high-yield content quality, our clinical database is continuously reviewed for clinical accuracy by leading medical experts.

If you are interested in joining an elite group of clinical educators, enjoy free products, per-assignment honoraria, and expand your personal list of educational citations, we would like to hear from you.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Board-certified in their field
  • Passionate about healthcare education
  • Detail-oriented and dependable
  • Able to follow editorial guidelines and directions
If that sounds like you or you would like more information, please contact us via the button below.
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How it works…

Typical assignments are manageable topic-based standard-of-care overviews and/or Q&A-based assessment materials. Materials are released to a contributor once his/her CV has been reviewed and accepted by our editorial board and required paperwork is completed. Materials are delivered electronically with electronic return expectation set on a mutual timetable (usually around two weeks). Easy-to-follow editorial instructions and a content representative contact are made available.

Once all revised materials have been returned and editorial requirements confirmed, assignment honoraria are paid promptly. Contributors can take on assignments as long as editorial requirements are fulfilled. All content is rigorously peer-reviewed by our editorial advisory board and medically proofed prior to publication in any coursework to protect the good name of Med-Challenger and its contributor pool.

Contributors may cite their content titles in their CVs and enjoy free access to select Med-Challenger products as an added-value to contributing. There are over 350 physician-level, mid-level authors (PA & Nurse educators) and other medical experts working with Med-Challenger, several of which have been contributors for years and enjoy expanded editorial control and other compensation.

We are currently seeking authorship and peer-review assistance in the following areas…

  • Pharmacology
  • Genetics – Primary Care
  • Endocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional Disorders – Acute and Primary Care
  • Occupational Medicine/Patient Safety – Acute and Primary Care
  • Hematology/Oncology – Primary Care
  • Geriatrics – Primary Care
  • Dermatology – Acute and Primary Care
  • Prenatal Care – OBGYN
  • Obstetrics: Physiology – OBGYN
  • Palliative / End of Life Care
  • Law and Ethics
  • Culture/Communication/Professionalism
  • Health Promotion, Safety, and Disease Prevention
  • Systems Based Care
Please attach a current CV to your message.
Please allow for processing. A representative will contact you.

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