Urgent Care Staff Education Platform Improves Urgent Care Outcomes

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Urgent Care Staff Education Improves Both Operations and Outcomes

Urgent Care Staff Education: The Strategy Taking the Pain Out of the Most Common Issues Facing Urgent Care ClinicsHow Urgent Care Staff Education Improves Both Operations and OutcomesIf you are running an urgent care clinic, you know it is a unique beast.  You have multiple levels of clinician to hire, train, retain and support.  Daily operations need to keep running … Read More

E-Scooters Are Becoming a Fast Way to Get … to the ER!

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Scooter Accidents

Patients “Flying” Into the ER After Bird Scooter AccidentsE-scooters have hit the streets of cities across America hard … and so have many of the individuals riding themOf course there are upsides to the surge of Bird scooters to be found on sidewalks and street corners coast to coast – access to affordable, environmentally friendly transportation being one of them … Read More