Respiratory Tract Review Questions – Respiratory Infections Board Review Questions, Free CME Quiz

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respiratory tract infections review questions and free cme quiz

Respiratory Tract Review Questions: Free CME QuizFree Respiratory Tract Infections Board Review Questions & CME Quiz courtesy of Med-Challenger Online Medical EducationThis week’s Med-Challenger’s free CME quiz reviews the recommended appropriate pharmacologic therapy for the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections including updated guidelines for treating community acquired pneumonia (CAP); diagnosis of pertussis, coccidioidomycosis, and leptospirosis The free sample CME … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Respiratory Disorders

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respiratory disorders free board review questions

This week’s free board review question…A 54-year-old obese man presents to you with a complaint that he cannot stay awake while driving. He tells you that he lives alone and is not sure if he snores. He falls asleep frequently after lunch and during meetings at work. When watching television at home, he reports “dozing off a lot.” He denies … Read More