Knowledge Gaps in Pain Management and Opioid Therapy

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Knowledge Gaps in Pain Management and Opioid Therapy Still Remain

Knowledge Gaps in Pain Management and Opioid Therapy Still RemainKnowledge Gap Medical News BriefA study was published this month on knowledge gaps in pain management for primary care providers, covering over 5,500 clinicians – including physicians, APRN’s, RN’s, pharmacists, and physician assistants. It is a long study, conducted by a major Continuing Medical Education firm (Rockpointe), but well worth the … Read More

Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Pain Management

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pain management board review quick quiz

Free Pain Management Board Review Questions This week’s FREE CME Quick Quiz offers pain management treatment  board review questions.  Topics include: back pain, opioids, chronic pain, acute pain, substance abuse, and more.  Here’s a sample…This week’s free board review question…A 59-year-old man presents to you with severe low back pain that he says he has had for 8 years. He … Read More