Carpenter Hammers His Distal Phalanx- Clinical Patient Case of the Week

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Distal Phalanx Injury - Orthopedic Injuries of the Hand

Carpenter Hammers His Distal Phalanx – Clinical Patient Case of the WeekTry this free Orthopedic Injuries of the Hand Case Q&A courtesy of Med-Challenger.This opioid toxicity case comes from our Med-Challenger EM: MyEMCert – Trauma and Bleeding Review and Answer Resource, part of Med-Challenger’s library of board exam review and CME question banks. For more free clinical knowledge review questions, … Read More

Orthopedic Injuries Board Review Questions, Free CME Quiz – Earn AMA and ANCC Credits Free

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Orthopedic Injuries CME Quiz from Med-Challenger

Orthopedic Injuries Board Review Questions: Free CME QuizOrthopedic Injuries CME Quiz courtesy of Med-Challenger Online Medical EducationThis week’s Med-Challenger free CME quiz – Orthopedic Injuries – the quick quiz covers management of a displaced hallux fracture; patterns of referred pain and the underlying pathology in the hip area; management of partial fingertip amputation; and the clinical presentation for “frozen shoulder.” … Read More

Orthopedic Injuries: Free Board Review Questions

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orthopedic injuries board review

Orthopedic InjuriesBoard Review Questions of the WeekOrthopedic injuries affecting bones and joints can be caused by degenerative conditions such as arthritis or sudden trauma from a fall or collision.  Dislocations, sprains, strains, fractures, ligament damage etc, all carry their own set of treatment challenges and potential complications. From the musculoskeletal point of view, the major complications of traumatic orthopedic injuries … Read More