What’s the Easiest FNP Exam to Pass? The AANP Exam or the ANCC Exam?

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what's the easiest FNP exam to pass? AANP or ANCC, which his easier?

There are two exams that an aspiring Family Nurse Practitioner seeking certification can take – the American Association of Nurse Practitioner’s FNP exam (the AANP exam) or the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (the ANCC exam).  Given the amount of time, money, and energy that goes into taking one of these exams, it’s only natural that FNP students would look to … Read More

New Nurse Practitioner Exam Reviews for 2020, New Lower Prices

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new NP exam review courses at new lower prices and options

Med-Challenger is a leading provider of nurse practitioner exam review and group e-learning at NP programs around the country.  Now Med-Challenger’s outstanding NP exam review courses have been repriced for 2020, making it easier for nurse practitioners to acquire these pass-guaranteed resources for AANP and ANCC FNP and AAENP exam preparation. The 2020 NP courses also include built-in ANCC CNE … Read More

AANP vs ANCC – Understanding the Two Types of FNP Board Certification

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FNP certification - aanp vs ancc - what's the difference and how to become certified

Here are the differences between the two FNP Certification exams: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is a board examination. Upon passing, the credentials awarded are FNP-C (C-denotes certified) 2,3 American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is a board examination. Upon passing, the credentials awarded are FNP-BC (-BC denotes board certified) The sports adage “practice like you play because you will play like you practice” is … Read More