Best CME Budget Deals – How to Get the Most From Your CME Budget, CME Allowance and Spend Your CME Dollars Wisely

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best use of your cme budget - summer cme sale and cme deals

How to Get the Most Out of Your CME Budget or CME Allowance: Best CME Deals So, you have CME dollars to spend before they go ‘poof?’  Let’s take a look at the best CME budget deals available so you can spend your CME allowance most wisely. Many physicians, even some nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are lucky enough to … Read More

Getting Back to Medical Education Amidst COVID-19

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Getting back to normalcy and continuing medical education amidst covid-19

Getting Back to Continuing Medical Education Amidst the COVID-19 PandemicI’ve been swamped by the pandemic, but I’m reclaiming a bit of normalcy by resuming my continuing medical education. For the past month and a half, it seems like my hospital campus, including both the acute care hospital and outpatient clinic, have been transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. It has been … Read More