Why Online Courses Fail

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Online courses fail due to a number of factors.  Online medical education programs are growing rapidly and when online courses fail to produce successful outcomes, it can threaten a program’s reputation and viability.  So why do online courses fail?  In this article, we’ll look at why online courses fail, the factors in play, and insights into creating online courses that … Read More

Content Curation and How It Impacts Medical e-Learning Programs

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what is content curation and why does it matter in e-learning.

The language of online learning is not very precise.  People can’t even agree on what to call it. Is it “e-learning,” “elearning,” or “eLearning”?  There are some 70,000 companies involved in areas of online learning, and, today, they seem to be leaning towards “e-learning.”  That imprecision in language extends to other areas of online learning – such as content curation. … Read More

Med-Challenger Releases Online Course and Question Editing Platform

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online course and question editing for schools and organizations

On September 19, 2019, Med-Challenger announced the release of new authoring tools allowing schools and training organizations to create courses and tests for its medical education platform.   Med-Challenger has introduced new custom authoring tools that allow customers to create their own stand-alone courses, as well as mix and merge the customer’s content with Challenger’s own courses.  The new authoring tools … Read More

How to Create Your Own Medical Education Questions and Tests Online

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Build your own questions and test online with Med-Challenger

Med-Challenger has introduced new question authoring tools to its online medical education platform. Group program managers and educators can now create, edit, organize, and deploy your own custom questions – all within Med-Challenger. That’s right!  With Med-Challenger’s on-demand, exam-based question banks – and the ability to add your own questions – there’s no faster, easier, or more flexible way to create … Read More