Stroke Presentation, Workup, and Treatment Content and Platform Updates from Med-Challenger, Summer 2020

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Stroke Presentation, Work Up and Treatment content updates, Med-Challenger 2020 Summer Content and Platform Updates

New Stroke Presentation, Workup, and Treatment Guidelines, New Content and Platform UpdatesMed-Challenger Content and Platform Updates, Summer 2020New Stroke Presentation, Workup, and Treatment GuidelinesMed-Challenger is excited to announce updates of our Stroke Presentation, Workup, and Treatment materials to incorporate the most recent recommendations from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) recommendations. Shortly after the 2018 publication of … Read More

New Acute Care Content Updates, Spring 2019

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Med-Challenger acute care content updates spring 2019

New Acute Care Medical Education Content Updates – Spring 2019More continuous updates from Med-Challenger…One of the biggest benefits of owning Med-Challenger is that your education investments continue to provide you with the most current information for your medical practice and board certification maintenance needs. After all, practice continues – board exams or not. Here’s a listing of select Spring 2019 … Read More