2019 Clerkship Exam Review and USMLE Course for Medical School Group Education

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Clerkship Exam Review and USMLE Course

Medical Schools can add adjunct online medical school training, clerkship exam review, USMLE review & medical student assessment, remediation & activity control to their traditional education program for stronger exam scores and medical school matriculation rates. Medical School “clerkships” are the foundation of medical student rotation-based training programs. Teaching, testing and remediating students in each clinical area requires quality content, … Read More

2019 End of Rotation Exams for Physician Assistant Training Programs

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Physician Assistant PA End Of Rotation Exams EOR

Rotation Exams, commonly referred to as “End of Rotation Exams” – or EORs – are a key performance measure in NCCPA Physician Assistant training programs. Having quality PA rotation exams and testing on-call online are an ideal way to assess a trainee group’s knowledge on all key learning points by respective rotation quickly and efficiently. Not only does Med-Challenger provide … Read More

Build, Save, and Re-Use Personalized Adaptive Custom Exams with Med-Challenger

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Build Your Own Custom Exams

Med-Challenger’s custom exam builder provides flexible, re-usable options for self-study, exam review, and other knowledge assessment activities. Users can apply multiple course assets to a single custom exam! Once created and saved, custom exams will follow the content source and content allocation parameters you’ve set every time it’s used. This way, you can set up preferred ways to self-assess and … Read More

2019 New Features in Online Medical Education

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2019 new features in medical education

As 2019 begins, Med-Challenger would like to thank all of the individual clinicians and medical training programs using Med-Challenger for better knowledge assessment and quality of care improvement outcomes. We have 2019 new features coming your way! Med-Challenger has all new items for 2019 – including some new 2019 features that you won’t find anywhere else! We’ll be announcing each … Read More

New “Crash” Review Option for Fast Comprehensive Knowledge Review

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Crash exams show you unseen or unanswered questions first before any questions are repeated

In response to the needs and preferences of clinical professionals everywhere, Med-Challenger has developed a new comprehensive self-assessment review algorithm, we’re calling CRASH review. Crash-style assessments are complementary to our industry-leading “Smart” board exam simulations and can be found in all major specialty reviews. It’s a new knowledge review assessment type and algorithm that prioritizes any “unseen” or unanswered questions in … Read More

Med-Challenger ENP Education Case Study: Drexel University ENP Program

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Drexel University ENP Program Case Study

This ENP education case study outlines how emergency nurse practitioner ENP programs can ultimately improve ENP training efficiency and performance outcomes with the adoption of online group knowledge assessment and performance tracking tools. With the 2017 accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner – Certified (ENP-C) designation, ENP’s became one of the now … Read More

How to Ace Your Clinical Residency Interview

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How to Ace Your Clinical Residency Interview

Medical students starting their final year will begin the interview process to find a residency. Here are a few tips that will help you ace those interviews. If your interview invites have started rolling in and you are feeling intimidated by the thought, follow these tips to land your first choice of clinical residency. Be prompt with your responses to … Read More

Med-Challenger Content Updates – November 2018

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medical education content updates for November 2018

Take a look at all the clinical education content updates Med-Challenger completed in November of 2018. Med-Challenger’s team of practicing physician educators and medical editors review and update product content daily to ensure we provide the most up-to-date information and review questions in all products at all times. Updates are typically specialty-specific and are applied seamlessly to live course content … Read More

How to Interact with Standardized Patients

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How to Interact with Standardized Patients

Standardized patient interviews are an important aspect of your medical training. A standardized patient (or SP) is trained to simulate real patients with a variety of illnesses. During medical school, these interactions are used to measure your ability to apply your knowledge clinically as well as your communication skills. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you interact with standardized patients: … Read More