Residency Training EPAs and ACGME Milestone Management Made Easy

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Residency EPAs and ACGME milstone tracking

Resident training milestones were created by the ACGME in 2016 to help programs organize training. Simply defined, a milestone is a significant point in development. For accreditation purposes, the Milestones are competency-based developmental outcomes (e.g., knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance) that can be demonstrated progressively by residents/fellows from the beginning of their education through graduation to the unsupervised practice of … Read More

How to Improve Residency Education Despite Budget and Bureaucracy Constraints

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Improve Residency Education Despite Budget and Bureaucracy Constraints

Increasingly, Residency directors find themselves without the ability to make prudent, timely improvements to their programs. Many residencies have had their independent budgets removed.  Most purchasing for HCA residencies, for instance, are made in the corporate offices, rather than on-site at the individual residencies. Numerous organizations are calling for the expansion of graduate medical education (GME) positions nationally. Developing new … Read More

Easiest Way to Onboard and Assess Knowledge of New Incoming Residents

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Easily onboard new residents and assess knowledge quality

When new residents arrive, program directors want to find out “who knows what and how well do they know it.” Each resident is different, especially at the outset of residency. Each resident comes with their own passions, strengths and weaknesses. It’s the PD’s job to find these things out and manage training progress through successful certification and matriculation. Sit-downs with … Read More

How to Protect Residency Programs from High Program Director Attrition Rates

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Protect your residency program from residency director attrition

Program Director turnover now exceeds 20% per year. Over half of Program Directors will quit in the next four years. The role and station of the Program Director has changed. With the onslaught of healthcare mergers and consolidation, residency programs are increasingly moving under the administrative purview of corporate ownership rather than university-based scholastic administration. What happens in the hospital, … Read More

How to Train Residents Well With Restricted Resident In-Training Hours

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how to train residents well despite restricted in-training hours

ACGME duty hours were restricted in mid-2017 over concerns of resident exhaustion.  However, some say the current era of hour restrictions for residents has negatively affected physician training – that with restrictions to “training time” residents are less prepared to be effective doctors upon graduation. If the goal is to have well-rested residents, restricted hours actually don’t seem to make a … Read More

What are Resident In-Training Exams?

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What are resident in-training exams

What Are Resident In-Training Exams? Resident in-training exams (ITEs) have been designed to assess residents’ progress in training. They provide program directors with comparative knowledge assessment data to better understand program year (PGY) class progress and the knowledge gaps between residents in their respective PGY. Two such tests are the American Board of Family Medicine In-Training Examination (ABFM-ITE) and the … Read More

How to Improve Resident Supervision and Residency Program Oversight

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Tips to Improve Resident Supervision

Residents in academic centers being asked to do more and more patient care, eating up education time. The corporate impact (and government funding impact) on residencies has also altered the training regimen for students. In the last 10 years, income per resident, paid by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) … Read More

Stop Online Cheating at Your Medical Program

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Stop Cheating at Your Medical Program with Built-in Anti-Cheat Protection

Cheaters don’t have a chance to succeed with Med-Challenger’s online medical education platform. It stops cheaters cold. Online distance learning platforms are more popular than ever – and our leading medical education platform is no different. Our platform is used at residency programs, nursing programs, and medical schools for fast, efficient online knowledge assessment and exam preparation. One of the … Read More

ACGME Residency Milestone Management Suite – Track Resident Competency

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online ACGME milestone management

Med-Challenger has introduced ACGME Milestone management for resident clinical competency evaluation to its online group education platform. Residency program managers and educators can now easily log achievement of specialty-based ACGME training milestones by learner and group cohort within their Med-Challenger accounts online. Milestone competency achievement is one of the many processes that must be evaluated, tracked and reported by program directors. … Read More

Med-Challenger Content Updates – January 2019

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Med-Challenger's medical education content updates for January 2019

Take a look at all the clinical education content updates Med-Challenger completed in January 2019. Med-Challenger’s team of practicing physician educators and medical editors review and update product content daily to ensure we provide the most up-to-date information and review questions in all products at all times. Updates are typically specialty-specific and are applied seamlessly to live course content daily. … Read More