May 2022 CME Updates, News, and Offers from Med-Challenger

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May 2022 CME Updates and May 2022 CME Offers from Med-Challenger

May 2022 CME Updates, News, and Offers

New 2022 courses, partnerships, and CME savings of 15% including Amazon Gift Cards with any PRO Bundle.

Med-Challenger has added new May 2022 CME updates to its best-selling board review courses and CME requirement courses for physicians, nurses, PA's and more.  Our May 2022 CME news includes new 2022 CME courses for annual MOC requirements, new CME partnerships, new updates to fast-changing medical topics, and special CME offers including Amazon Gift Cards with PRO Bundles.

Here's a quick rundown of recent content update highlights and offers. 

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Our May 2022 CME offers are a great way to use your 2022 CME budget the best way.  Our PRO Bundles save you up to 50% off standard prices and supply you with everything you need in your specialty.  PRO Bundles are available in EM, FM, IM, Peds, NP, and PA.  Many include NEW 2022 MOC materials specific to annual specialty requirements.  Act now, save even more - or get a free Amazon Gift Card. 

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Our medical education SaaS allows you to deliver valuable medical education content and learning management capabilities to your healthcare team, improving outcomes - clinical and personal - for everyone.  And we've introduced NEW SaaS PRICING that removes any remaining barriers for groups and educational programs seeking fast, effective improvement to their quality of care and medical education outcomes.

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Med-Challenger Healthcare Education has been a pioneer in electronic medical education for 30 years.  Our medical education SaaS (medical education software-as-a-service) provides clinical education programs and healthcare teams a variety of medicine education and medical credentialing needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Med-Challenger's Medical Education SaaS allows healthcare training programs and clinical groups to turn the education of their clinical team into a dream.

For more information about our Medical Education SaaS, click here or call 1-800-676-0822.

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NEW Courses and Partnerships

April 2022 CME updates, keeping your assets fresh - always.

LLSA 2022

If you missed it, our LLSA 2022 is now available!  Med-Challenger's 2022 LLSA exam review module for ABEM MOC LLSA 2022 requirements and it's now available inside our popular LLSA Subscription. 

If you already have our LLSA Subscription, our EM PRO Bundle or a Library Subscription - LLSA 2022 is in your account now!   Log in and see.


Global Health Impact Network (GHIN)

Global Health Impact Network (GHIN) brings together thought leaders at the forefront of medicine, technology, and business to collaborate on innovations that improve the future of global healthcare. Challenger Corporation recently participated in GHIN's 2022 Global Conference in California wherein leading healthcare innovators discussed the new frontiers of augmented and virtual reality education in healthcare education. GHIN has also approached Challenger to provide Challenger's industry-leading online education courseware and distance learning management technology to its growing membership of medical practitioners and entrepreneur members.


eMedEvents is the largest global marketplace for live and virtual medical education conferences.  Collaborations between eMedEvents and Challenger Corporation will bring both services to a wider global audience.  Special offerings will be available to eMedEvents subscribers with more collaborations in discussion.

Over 60 Topics Updated

April 2022 CME updates, keeping your assets fresh - always.

Part of Med-Challenger's process is a continual review of changing guidelines and reported errata across all its specialized medical education courseware.  These routine updates allow us to fine-tune our materials to the most current standards and utility.  We also address all user feedback errata reports and attend to peer-reviewed corrective measures.  We are committed to our customer's long-term education investment and patronage.  

Here are some examples of content updates and affected topic learning objectives: 

Syncope - Discuss key components of a syncope workup.

Advanced Airway: Pediatric - Discuss induction agents in a patient with head injury with clinical signs of elevated intracranial pressure.

Resuscitation: Adult Cardiac (ACLS) - Characterize the appropriate management of symptomatic bradycardia.

Eye: Assessment - Discuss ophthalmic drops commonly used to facilitate the examination of the retina e.g.  for a possible detached or torn retina.

High Altitude Disorders - Explain the use of acetazolamide in high-altitude illness.

Selected Cranial Nerve Disorders - Describe the standard initial neurological testing of all branches of the trigeminal nerve (CN V).

Urinary Tract Infections - Discuss a simple clue that predicts nitrofurantoin treatment failure in otherwise healthy women with a simple UTI.

Adrenal Disorders - Discuss the sequence of recommended tests for differentiating primary versus secondary adrenal insufficiency.

Lower Respiratory Tract Infections - Describe appropriate regimens for treating pneumococcal pneumonia in outpatients without comorbidities.

Lung Cancer - Discuss the lung cancer screening recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

Diabetes Mellitus - Describe the testing recommendations for T2DM/prediabetes in asymptomatic children.

Bone Tumors - Recognize osteochondromas.

Postoperative Complications - Discuss risk stratification and venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention in post-surgical patients.

may 2022 cme offers and new content
may 2022 cme offers and new content
may 2022 cme offers and new content
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