January 2022 CME Updates, News, and Offers from Med-Challenger

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January 2022 CME Updates and January 2022 CME Offers from Med-Challenger

January 2022 CME Updates, News, and Offers

New content for 2022 exam review and annual MOC, plus great 2022 CME budget offers including free Amazon Gift Cards.

Happy New Year!  Med-Challenger has introduced new January 2022 CME updates to its best-selling board review courses and CME requirement courses for physicians, nurses, PA's and more.  Our January 2022 CME news includes updates to fast-changing medical topics, special paid opportunities and Amazon Gift Card offers perfect for CME budget use.

Here's a quick rundown of recent content update highlights and offers. 

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Over 60 Topics Updated

January 2022 CME updates, keeping your assets fresh - always.

Part of Med-Challenger's process is a continual review of changing guidelines and reported errata across all its specialized medical education courseware.  These routine updates allow us to fine-tune our materials to the most current standards and utility.  We also address all user feedback errata reports and attend to peer-reviewed corrective measures.  We are committed to our customer's long-term education investment and patronage.  Here are some examples of content updates and affected topic learning objectives: 

New Oral Anticoagulants in the Emergency Department Setting - For patients with atrial fibrillation, compare the stroke prevention effectiveness as well as risk of major hemorrhage for warfarin versus dabigatran 150 mg po bid, apixaban 5 mg po bid, and rivaroxaban 20mg po qd.

Abdominal Pain - Describe the diagnostic workup of acute appendicitis in pediatric patients. 

Thermal Burns - Determine a fluid resuscitation strategy for patients with burn injuries.

Rapid Reversal of Warfarin-Associated Hemorrhage in the Emergency Department - Discuss correct warfarin reversal with 3-factor PCC when 4-factor PCC is not available.

Diagnosis and Management of Sports-Related Concussion - Discuss the 3 steps for returning an athlete to his/her sport after suffering a concussion.

Accidental Hypothermia - Discuss findings that are associated with cardiac instability in hypothermic patients with accidental hypothermia.

Trauma - Thoracic - Esophageal Injuries - Summarize the epidemiology of esophageal injury; Describe the diagnostic evaluation for esophageal injury. 

Trauma – Genitourinary - Describe the step-by-step release of a piece of penile skin entrapped in the pull mechanism of a zipper.

Hypoproliferative Anemia - Examine the findings associated with iron deficiency anemia.

Transfusions - Identify the threshold for PRBC transfusions in elderly patients with anemia and acute cardiovascular symptoms.

COVID-19 - Discuss the currently recommended management of hypoxemia in admitted patients with COVID-19; Relate the current recommendations for booster vaccinations after completing the 2-dose Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna series for COVID-19.

Drug Allergy - Outline possible pharmacological options for likely ACE-inhibitor-induced angioedema.

Syncope - Explain the San Francisco rule for detecting a cardiogenic cause in a patient with syncope.

Signs and Symptoms - Determine the best choice of tetanus prophylaxis in a patient with traumatic hand injury.

Medical Emergencies: Inborn Errors of Metabolism - Describe treatment of elevated ammonia due to urea cycle disorders.

Surgical Emergencies: Eyes, Dental, and Maxillofacial - Describe the correct location to inject lidocaine in a patient presenting with a laceration to the right cheek.

Improvements for 2022

New UI improvements make use on any mobile device easier.

Recently, we improved how users can navigate their courses while taking assessments.  We're now updating the entire UI for better use on mobile devices and new dashboard metrics are coming.

Mobile device improvements - App-wide mobile / responsive compatibility updates and numerous programmatic improvements for speed and layout

Readability improvements - Various general (global CSS, utility JS, etc) / non-mobile-specific style and layout fixes, particularly in Study by Topic, Practice & Review (tutor) modes, Earn CME, Score Log/In Progress

UI Changes - Search moved to upper left (magnifying glass) to make space for new notifications in top bar area, part of a series of UI updates.

Bug fixes - Various performance and workflow improvements in Exams, Study by Topic, ExamBuilder, My Custom Exams, CME finder, CME claims, Notes/Bookmarks, and Store

To see all the changes, we recommend you clear your browser data cache (Cached images and files) before you log in and take a look.

NOTE: To see all UI updates on the Med-Challenger user portal, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Best 2022 Exam Review for Mobile DevicesBest 2022 CME Credit Solutions for Mobile Devices

Healthcare Learning Management for 2022

More programs and organizations are finding out how easy we make healthcare learning management.

Med-Challenger allows healthcare training programs and clinical groups the ability to create assignable and trackable custom exams using Med-Challenger content or their own (or even blend the two).  From the ability to curate "favorites" in custom exam creation or the ability to track "at a glance" performance on assignments or MOC requirements allows faculty and administrators to save tons of time.  At the same time, students and faculty realize increased proficiency and exam scores and clinical staff can stay up-to-date and certified more easily.

For more information about our Healthcare Learning Management Solutions, click here or call 1-800-676-0822.

Med-Challenger is the smarter choice.

One of the best aspects of having a Med-Challenger online medical education account is the ongoing content quality and career convenience our products and services provide to physicians, nurses, PAs and students - not for just one, pressing exam - but for all the ongoing CME requirements clinicians need to satisfy every year of their careers. 

With Med-Challenger, clinicians save time, money, and stress every year regarding your personal MOC and CME requirements by never having to find or re-buy courses or resources over and over.

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