Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock MyEMCert Review Module Now Available for ABEM MyEMCert Maintenance of Certification Requirements

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Abnormal Vital Signs & Shock Review Module for ABEM MyEMCert Requirements Now Available

Everything to you need to quickly review and find answers for the Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock MyEMCert module.

Challenger Corporation has recently released its Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock review module for ABEM MyEMCert maintenance of certification.  The new MyEMCert review module provides online, up-to-date, searchable study material and answers for the Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock MyEMCert exam.  You'll be able to brush up on your knowledge of abnormal vital signs and shock, easily complete the open-book exam, and earn CME credits while you do it.

Looking review and answer material for all MyEMCert modules?  This module has also been added to our MyEMCert All Modules Subscription.

Abnormal Vital Signs & Shock Review Module Highlights

  • Earn CME while finding out what’s new in abnormal vital signs and shock management from the Med-Challenger 2022 MyEMCert Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock module
  • Brush up on the most recent changes in national guidelines while earning CME
  • Review recent changes in the management of abnormal vital signs and shock before taking the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) MyEMCert Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock exam
  • Prepare early while earning CME for the ABEM MyEMCert Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock exam
  • Includes vital LLSA content! Don’t forget to brush up on pertinent LLSA content before taking the ABEM MyEMCert Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock exam! Med-Challenger’s Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock course includes key-point summaries and tests (with access to original articles) for all LLSA readings pertinent to the ABEM MyEMCert Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock exam
  • Over 900 Q&A
  • Maximum of 71 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s) 
  • Maximum of 53 ACEP Category I credits

Abnormal Vital Signs & Shock Module Table Contents


Advanced Airway: Adult
​​Airway: Pediatric
Ventilatory Support (Adult/Pediatric)
Resuscitation: Adult Cardiac
Resuscitation: Brain (After Cardiac Arrest)
Resuscitation: Neonatal
Resuscitation: Pediatric
Back Pain
Chest Pain
Acute Non-Ischemic Cardiovascular Disorders
COVID-19 Respiratory Failure
Depressed Consciousness and Coma
Seizures: Initial Approach
Heat-Related Illnesses
High Altitude Disorders
Hypothermia: Accidental
Marine Animal Envenomations and Injuries
Scuba Diving and Dysbarism
Venomous Animal Injuries: Arthropods
Venomous Animal Injuries: Reptiles
Pregnancy: Acute Medical/Surgical Complications
Pregnancy: Pre Existing Medical Illness
Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation During Emergency Airway Management
Use of Epinephrine to Treat Cardiac Arrest
Therapeutic Hypothermia
Evaluation and Initial Treatment of Supraventricular Tachycardia
Electrocardiogram Findings in Emergency Department Patients with Syncope
Infective Endocarditis
Randomized Trial of Colchicine for Acute Pericarditis
Bacterial Meningitis
Critical Issues in the Evaluation and Management of Adult Patients With Suspected Acute Nontraumatic Thoracic Aortic Dissection
Lyme Disease
Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (Formerly Apparent Life-Threatening Events)
Managing Initial Mechanical Ventilation in the Emergency Department
Fire-related inhalation injury
The Pediatric Airway and Rapid Sequence Intubation in Trauma
Tracheostomy Emergencies


Fever in the Adult Patient
Sepsis Syndromes
Resuscitation: Shock
Fever in the Postoperative Patient
Randomized Trial Protocol Based Care of Early Septic Shock
Clinical Policy for Well-Appearing Infants and Children Younger Than 2 Years of Age Presenting to the Emergency Department With Fever
Emergency Department Management of Pediatric Shock
Necrotizing Soft-Tissue Infections


Acid-Base Disorders
Alcoholic and Lactic Acidosis
Anion and Osmol Gap Disorders
Electrolyte Disorders: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus
Electrolyte Disorders: Sodium and Potassium
Endocrine Disorders: Glucose Homeostasis
Endocrine Disorders: Thyroid and Adrenal Glands
Hyperglycemic Crisis


Immune Dysregulation: Hypersensitivity Reactions
The Immunocompromised/Solid-Organ Transplant Patient
A Consensus Parameter for the Evaluation and Management of Angioedema in the Emergency Department


Acetaminophen Toxicity
Anticholinergics Toxicity
Antipsychotics Toxicity
Caustic Ingestion
Cocaine and Other Sympathomimetics Toxicity
Ethanol and Ethanol Withdrawal
Opioid Toxicity
Pesticide Toxicity (incl. Organophosphates)
Toxic Alcohols
Toxic Plant Ingestions (incl. Mushrooms)
Recognition and Management of Withdrawal Delirium (Delirium Tremens)
Treatment For Calcium Channel Blocker Poisoning: A Systematic Review
Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Chemical Weapons: Exposure, Identification, and Management by Syndrome

About MyEMCert and How to Complete MyEMCert Requirements

In order to maintain their certification, emergency medicine physicians must complete a certain number of continuing medical education hours every five years. The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) has approved the MyEMCert course as a means of satisfying the MyEMCert requirement. We've published detailed information about MyEMCert previously, here and here.

As ABEM releases MyEMCert module outlines, Med-Challenger is producing individual study guides for each module. 

The Med-Challenger MyEMCert review module for the Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock topic is now available for purchase on its own - and as part of Med-Challenger's MyEMCert Subscription (all modules).  

The Med-Challenger MyEMCert Subscription covers all subtopics for all MyEMCert modules.  New modules are added per MyEMCert topic as ABEM releases the module specification and Med-Challenger creates its curated review course to make knowledge review and answering the ABEM MyEMCert exam questions easier.

Resources are searchable and allow quick exam preparation and open-book answer lookup for fast MyEMCert module completion.  The self-paced modules are available anytime, anywhere you have internet access.  Med-Challenger MyEMCert courses also offer Category 1 continuing medical education credits.  

MyEMCert Exam Subscription

Searchable Open-book Exam Resource Package for MyEMCert Exams & ABEM MOC Requirements
ABEM MyEMCert Subscription Module Content Collection - Open-book Exam Searchable Reference PackageABEM MyEMCert Module Content Collection - Open-book Exam Searchable Reference Package

Everything you need to find MyEMCert answers and complete your MyEMCert Module Exams for ABEM Maintenance of Certification quickly and easily.

MyEMCert Exam Modules are being added to the MyEMcert Subscription as they are published.

Course Highlights:

  • Curated online open-book MyEMCert exam resources designed to help you find MyEMCert exams answers quickly, strengthen your knowledge in MyEMCert topics, and earn required CME credits.
  • Searchable question banks, media, and open book study material for all eight (8) MyEMCert exam modules. Modules are also available individually in our store.
  • Includes "must-have" ABEM LLSA articles relevant to MyEMCert topics with key-point summaries and added practice integration tips greater takeaway value
  • Adaptive knowledge review with guided remediation helps you master MyEMCert topic material faster
  • Earn CME credit as you go - or anytime:
    • Over 100 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM built-in
    • Over 100 ACEP Category 1 Credits built-in

"Makes MyEMCert easy and useful for annual CME."

Jon Parker, MD
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