Physician Assistant Learning Management System Helps PA Programs Educate Students and Physician Assistant Staff Improve Knowledge Quality More Effectively

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Physician Assistant Learning Management System LMS for PA Program Education and PA Quality Improvement

Physician Assistant Learning Management System Helps PA Programs Educate Students and Organizations Improve PA Knowledge Quality More Effectively

Physician Assistant LMS provides PA programs, hospitals, and practice groups with a fast and effective way to educate, enrich, and protect their physician assistants.

If you're faculty at a physician assistant program or a leader at a healthcare practice with physician assistant staff, you know physician assistant knowledge quality is the key to the successful outcomes of your program and your patients.  You also know getting a diverse group of clinicians, sometimes spread out across multiple locations, to uniformly "stay on track and prepared to pass the exam" or "stay informed and maintain certifications on time" can be extremely difficult.  Ideally, you could sit in one chair and schedule out online assessments or push required physician assistant CME activities and the results just come to you. PA students and providers can get targeted remediation automatically and your team can satisfy PA requirements at their convenience.  Indeed, this is what a physician assistant learning management system can do.  And now it's super easy.

We've Made Physician Assistant Learning Management Easy

Typically, when you hear "learning management system" or "LMS," many fear that the time and effort needed to implement a complete "medical education and compliance tracking system" is too daunting.  Up until now, there's not only the LMS set up itself, but the content needs that are required to be set up and housed inside it.  And who is going to keep everything up-to-date and functioning properly?  

Well, now one person can successfully implement an entire suite of content and quality management tools for their physician assistant training and physician assistant staff education needs - thanks to Challenger Corporation's PA LMS.

If you're struggling to improve exam scores and pass-rates, are tired of wrangling cats or frustrated over costly operational "surprises," or you just want to save everyone some time (and be a hero), Challenger Corporation, makers of the top-rated Med-Challenger PA exam review (NCCPA, PA-C, PA-CAQ-EM), provides a complete solution that is easy to implement, easy to use, and improves education and quality improvements outcomes in several ways. 

Trusted Healthcare LMS for Physician Assistant Training and PA CME

Big or small.  Five users - or 5000.  One specialty - or all of them.  It's possible with Challenger's PA LMS.  Some of physician assistant education management clients include:

physician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff trainingphysician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff trainingphysician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff trainingphysician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff trainingphysician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff trainingphysician assistant learning management system for PA programs and PA staff training

Add Physician Assistant Learning Management in a Snap.

Challenger's physician assistant distance learning system comes complete with gold-standard physician assistant knowledge review courses, assignment scheduling and performance tracking abilities - and there's absolutely no technical set up or support needs.  This system has been at work at PA programs and practice groups for over a decade.

Physician Assistant Education Content Out-of-the-Box

Physician Assistant MOC Requirements

Challenger offers comprehensive clinical knowledge review courses for physician assistants including NCCPA board exam preparation for physician assistant certification exams and PA-C certification, certification in added qualifications (CAQ-EM), annual knowledge self-assessment resources and required AAPA CME credits, as well as other primary care skills courses such as ECG and Radiology interpretation courses.  Challenger also provides both AMA and ANCC CNE credits.

Joint Commission Certification Courses

Challenger offers comprehensive clinical knowledge review in all major medical specialties but it also provides a Joint Commission certification preparation courses for stroke center certificationresuscitation center education (ACLS, ATLS, PALS, NALS), cardiac center education and trauma center education among others.

Challenger's course library covers all major medical specialties and all level of provider.

physician assistant education system for certification assessment and PA education requirements

PA LMS for Physician Assistant Student Education

Challenger understands that improving your PA program's outcomes is easier said than done. We have developed a turn-key solution that delivers physician assistant student education curricula along with online learner management tools which allow PA program faculty and administrators to enhance their education curricula, understand and close PA student knowledge gaps, and improve cohort and individual exam performance - all from one screen.

Our platform has been used by physician assistant programs all over the world to achieve higher exam scores and 100% certification and matriculation rates.

With Med-Challenger, you can:

  • Drive improved test scores and education compliance from first year through certification and matriculation with less time and effort
  • Enhance didactics / curriculum with top-quality PA exam question banks for PA-C and CAQ-EM, adaptive feedback, online assignment tracking, and automatic student remediation guidance
  • Create custom exams and even add your own content for unparalleled control of program education
  • Identify and close knowledge gaps across PA student cohorts and ensure 100% certification success and on-time matriculation
  • Streamline faculty operations and effectively support the MOC requirements of your physician assistant educators

Much more than a PA Question Bank

It's not uncommon for a physician assistant program director to utilize a selection of online resources to education and drill PA students on the information needed by physician assistant students for prepare oneself for PA certification exams. The problem here is most programs see "online assessment" as a "question bank."  Sure, all good physician assistant question banks cover each major PA exam blueprint, but many don't provide the ability for PA programs to schedule activities or provide targeted remediation to individuals based on their areas of difficulty.

Challenger's PA LMS provides many more tools and benefits than your traditional online Qbank. In fact, many programs are shocked to find out that they can control and assess their students' progress better while saving their own management time. 

What's more, after using Challenger, programs don't fall victim to the natural attrition of program directors over and over.  The system is there to use and can be easily adapted as needed.

PA LMS for Physician Assistant Knowledge Quality Improvement

Pushing effective education to your team quickly and uniformly is on thing.  Being able to validate that knowledge uptake across all staff is quite another.  This is where centralized online medical education programs become priceless.  It's high quality education that can be verified on one screen, saving your organization time and effort in any physician assitant quality improvement campaign.

Med-Challenger offers a well-regarded online medical education platform for hospitals and groups that organizations can apply to their existing operations without hassle.  The online "education portal" provides hospital administrators with the ability to assign and track educational content and knowledge assessments to clinicians across disparate locations and view, validate and record that education uptake from a single screen.

Physician Assistant Staff Education for Hospitals and Groups

Med-Challenger understands that keeping up with staff licensing can be a headache and costly during their absence. We have developed a solution that delivers large clinical education courses, used in training environments, and for individual certification and recertification, online.

We couple content with excellent management and reporting software to help manage ongoing education, specialty, and state requirements.

With Med-Challenger, you can:

  • Drive individual certification at every practice level
  • Provide blueprint-based education courses for physician, PA, NP (AGNP / FNP / ENP / CPNP) and RN certification and recertification
  • Ensure staff maintenance of certification compliance via state-mandated CME, pharmacotherapy credits, HIPAA/OSHA requirements and more
  • Speed staff hiring, onboarding and training with pre-built adaptive assessments and protect the consistency of daily operations
  • Save clinic staff time while strengthening your brand and outcomes
  • Save EVERYONE time, stress, and risk

And there is no technical set up or delays in getting started today.  An email and an credit card can get started.  Start small and add or remove users later.  It's easy.

physician assistant learning management for physician assistant education, certification assessment and PA quality improvement

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