Get Paid for Your Medical Certification Exam Story

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Get Paid for Your Medical Certification Exam Story - Medical Certification Exam Preparation Advice Wanted

Get Paid for Your Medical Certification Exam Story

We're looking for your best medical certification exam tips, tactics, and insights.

If you're in medicine, odds are you've had to pass one or more high-stakes medical certification exams.  Physicians, nurses, PAs, students.... everyone has a story about how they prepared for specific exams.  What to do - and what NOT to do.  Study recommendations and helpful warnings.  If you have a medical certification exam story, study recommendations, tips or suggestions, that can help others, Med-Challenger will pay you for your story

People love to read stories, and they'd love to read yours.

Challenger Corporation, makers of Med-Challenger medical certification exam prep and CME courses, has a feature series on our medical education blog where we pay people for stories about their preparation for major exams in medicine:

  • how they prepared
  • what they did
  • what they'd do differently
  • how they felt going into the exam, and coming out
  • and if they are willing to share, what the results were

The story can be about your certifications, your licensure exams, even program entry exams - whatever you think is valuable information about preparing for or taking a specific exam.

People that are facing these exams want to know. They like looking at how other people studied, gain alternative approaches, see what's worked well (or poorly) for other people.

Challenger wants to publish them, and we're paying you money to get them.

You may think your story isn't all that interesting. But to someone facing a high-stakes exam, the fact that you found a corner table at the library to be 'your place' may inspire them to try a different locale. Or your timing and routines may inspire someone to change theirs. Or you might alleviate anxiety by letting them know that everyone else felt the same as they do.

These stories are not product specific. This isn't about the brand of flashcards, or software. But it might be about index cards and how many colored pens you used.  You never know what it is about your story that might help out the next person.

Worried you aren't a great writer? It's OK, we maintain 28,000 questions dealing with clinical standards-of-care, and hundreds of web pages and articles. We have editors, great ones.

Your Reward

We'll pay a rate up to $1 per word for helpful medical certification exam stories with a 250-word minimum.  $600 maximum payout.

Helpful stories include exam study tips, tactics, and other study plan suggestions.  They can even include warnings of what NOT to do.  

For the time it takes to write a brief testimony on social media, you can send it to Challenger and get paid for it.

How to Submit Your Story

Below is a form in which you can enter (or paste) your exam story.

We also need basic contact info to reach you for payment verification and we'd like a picture of you for attribution.  You can upload one using the form.  Thank you.

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