2021 CME Budget Deals Available Through June 30th – Save 25% and Get the Most Out of Your 2021 CME Budget

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2021 CME Budget Sale - challengercme.com

June 30th is coming. Here's how to get the most out of your 2021 CME budget before it goes 'poof.'

2021 CME Budget Savings Available Thru June 30th: Spend Your CME Stipend with Med-Challenger - Save 25% and Get More with Lasting Value.

June 30th is approaching fast.  If you have a CME stipend at your disposal, you may need to spend it before June 30th or it goes bye-bye.  We've been updating and releasing new courses so now's a great time to cash in.

Med-Challenger is offering 25% off any PRO Bundle - or any order over $999 - through June 30th. 

We're happy to have you.  We know that our products work based on our customer patronage, exam results, and success stories.  Many of our institutions are now cycling into the new training year with new content and abilities.  Then there are all the clinicians that simply enjoy to play our free CME quizzes via our free CME blog.   

We hope this 2021 CME budget incentive will allow our free subscribers as well as customer members to upgrade their personal CME resources for their oncoming and ongoing certification and continuing education requirements in a way that continues to pay off.

Med-Challenger's Premium membership service makes it easier for you to assemble required, multi-purpose and re-usable CME resources at regular price - once (and you can save 25% off regular prices right now).  But here's the extra value...  for just $199/yr anytime after your first full year of use, you can come back ANYTIME to all of your resources, scores, new CME content, and CME claims records.  You'll get the latest courses and updates including special, new MOC-required content... boom, automatically there for you and summarized.  You save time getting things done and you spend less money (and stress.)

So, grab what you need - get a PRO bundle or pic and choose your own CME goldmine - save 25% now - and we'll keep it all working for you.  Offer ends after June 30th.

Plus, bonus options on select products.

Contact us for upgrade & bulk pricing.

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Many physicians, even some nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are lucky enough to have a 2021 CME budget - sometime called a CME stipend or CME allowance - for educational purposes for the calendar year.  Sometimes these CME dollars need to be spent each year or they simply disappear when time runs out.  CME budget cycles usually begin and end either on June 30th or December 31st.  This is why you'll see a lot of great CME deals and packages offered just prior to those CME deadline dates.  Nobody wants to see "free money" disappear so board review and CME providers have come up with some every worthwhile CME budget options to help physicians and others spend their CME dollars and maximize their CME funds.

First of all, it's worth noting that CME purchases, in general, may be tax-deductible.  As long as the purchase is specifically indicated for educational use, you can usually deduct any out of pocket expense.  You should consult your tax advisor.

That being said, if you have a CME budget through your employer or organization that needs to be used, your CME department will likely be the gatekeepers to what's allowed.  Again, for the most part, as long as the purchase is for the purpose of CME, you're likely good to go.

Save 25% now.  Save time and money every year after.

Med-Challenger is lasting value and benefits.

Going around the popular brands, BoardVitals, Rosh Review, Med-Challenger and others, you're bound to find  discounts on board review and CME credit courses.  However, Med-Challenger takes an interesting approach in that whatever you purchase never has to be re-bought.  You have the option to pay a minimal membership fee for annual use from there on.  That saves money after the discount purchase.  BoardVitals doesn't offer a year long access period and Rosh Review is more a set of questions with no adaptive algorithms to help guide you and save time.   Both BoardVitals and Rosh Review require full price repurchases.  Med-Challenger does not.  So, in the future, with Med-Challenger you'll likely to have CME funds remain free for other uses next year.

It's this Premium membership idea that makes it easier for you to assemble required, multi-purpose and re-usable CME resources - once - at regular price.  Then, for just $199/yr anytime after you can come back to all of your resources (always up-to-date), scores, new CME content, and CME claims records.

Med-Challenger PRO is everything in your specialty.

With the added buying power of a CME budget, larger multi-resource "packages" are attractive.  Here BoardVitals does offer a longer access period, but that's about it.  There's no additional content.  Rosh Review doesn't really carry annual MOC resources such as LLSA review for emergency physicians to CKSA review for family physicians.  So, there's not much of a collection to be had.

Med-Challenger offers an array of course collections called PRO packages.   These are more ideal because they tend to cover all the exam and MOC needs in a specialty, including annual MOC resources, specialized CME requirements for state requirements and other requirements for specialized workplace settings.  Med-Challenger's NP PRO bundle for example contains both FNP and ENP courses.  Pediatrics PRO contains general Pediatrics and Pediatric EM.  The savings are profound when you price out these premium resources. 

PRO packages are offered in EM, FM, IM, Pediatrics, NP and PA.  They are already provide up to 55% in savings - and you can apply additional savings on top of that.  They're worth a look.

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