Urgent Care Staff Education Platform Improves Urgent Care Outcomes

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Urgent Care Staff Education Improves Both Operations and Outcomes

Urgent Care Staff Education: The Strategy Taking the Pain Out of the Most Common Issues Facing Urgent Care Clinics

How Urgent Care Staff Education Improves Both Operations and Outcomes

If you are running an urgent care clinic, you know it is a unique beast.  You have multiple levels of clinician to hire, train, retain and support.  Daily operations need to keep running smoothly without disruptions.  There's ever-changing world of urgent care medical information and practice guidelines requiring continuing education. There are urgent care staff certifications, maintenance of certification, and CME concerns from specialty to state-mandated requirements. You want all hands available and nobody has a lot of free time.  Interestingly, if we look at the key to great outcomes for patients and the urgent care clinics itself, there's a common underpinning of success - urgent care staff education and professional compliance. 

Urgent Care Staff Education Issues

Let's look at the major headaches all urgent care directors, administrators and staff clinicians face and what can be done about them.

Urgent care knowledge validation & remediation

You have to know what your clinical candidates know well and don't know well.  Furthermore, you likely want to fill in those urgent care knowledge gaps - for each individual hire - before you can let them represent you and your brand.  How can you know quickly and fix any issues quickly.  What if you had a central gold-standard self-assessment program for that - like, single resource that can act as an Urgent Care Bootcamp program to validate knowledge, provide automatic remediation, and show you the results for your team members across multiple locations? 

Staff certification and continuing urgent care education

Urgent care certification and urgent care continuing education are ideal, but a hidden issue is that most urgent care staff have underlying certifications they must personally manage.  It's part of being a practicing clinician, but it's also a pain.  Requirements change often as well.  A central urgent care staff education platform can provide these resources and be a true staff benefit.  Need board review or CME / CE credits?  There you go.  Staff is more likely to accomplish their practice requirements in a more timely manner (and in less time) thereby protecting their knowledge quality and availability.  You don't want board exam failures or a loss of certification because that results in costly operational disruptions.  What if you could pro-actively reduce such disruptors for everyone?

Today, urgent care staff education platforms are improving patient outcomes and daily operations at the same time by implementing online urgent care education and compliance software.

Urgent Care Staff Education Made Easy

Med-Challenger understands that keeping up with staff licensing can be a headache and costly during their absence. We have developed a solution that delivers large clinical education courses, used in training environments, and for individual certification and recertification, online.

We couple content with excellent management and reporting software to help manage ongoing education, specialty, and state requirements.

With Med-Challenger's Urgent Care Staff Education Platform, you can:

  • Drive individual certification in Urgent Care, at every practice level
  • Provide blueprint-based education courses for physician, PA, NP (AGNP / FNP / ENP) and RN certification and recertification
  • Ensure staff maintenance of certification compliance via state-mandated CME, pharmacotherapy credits, HIPAA/OSHA requirements and more
  • Speed staff hiring, onboarding and training with pre-built adaptive assessments and protect the consistency of daily operations
  • Save clinic staff time while strengthening your brand and outcomes
  • and more!

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Request your free demo now.

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