Spring CME Sale, New Content Updates from Med-Challenger, April 2021

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2021 Board Review and Spring CME Sale - New Content Updates from Med-Challenger April 2021

Content Updates: April 2021

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Med-Challenger has introduced a swath of new April 2021 content updates to its best-selling board review courses and CME requirement courses for physicians, nurses, PA's and more.  These latest 2021 CME content updates include fast-changing medical topics, new maintenance of certification processes, and other hard-to-find CME course topics.

This batch of updates impacts Med-Challenger EM, IM, FM, ENP, FNP, Urgent Care, PA, SPEX, and Clerkship/Step 2 CK/Shelf courses.

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One of the best aspects of having a Med-Challenger online medical education account is the ongoing content quality and career convenience our products and services provide to physicians, nurses, PAs and students - not for just one, pressing exam - but for all the ongoing CME requirements clinicians need to satisfy every year of their careers.  With Med-Challenger, clinicians save time, money, and stress every year regarding your personal MOC and CME requirements by never having to find or re-buy courses or resources over and over. 

Here's a quick rundown of recent content update highlights.  

2021 LLSA Review Module for ABEM MOC Added to LLSA Subscription

Med-Challenger has just released it's 2021 LLSA exam review module for ABEM MOC LLSA 2021 requirements and it's now available inside our popular LLSA Subscription.  If you're asking the question, "What's the best way to study for LLSA exams?" Med-Challenger LLSA is the best answer.

ABEM MOC LLSA Exam Review Subscription - 2021 LLSA Requirements, LLSA 2021 Articles, summaries, LLSA exam prep with CME credits and new LLSA articles added annually.Med-Challenger LLSA Subscription is the #1 online LLSA review because it covers all active ABEM LLSA articles and LLSA exam review - yes, every LLSA article set with associated summaries and LLSA exam review questions.

Med-Challenger LLSA contains LLSA articles and exam prep for LLSA 2021 as well as... LLSA 2020, LLSA 2019, LLSA 2018, and LLSA 2017 (for those who have appealed for an extension.)  It's a one-time purchase that serves your ABEM MOC Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment review needs every year.

What's even better?  Every year, your Med-Challenger LLSA Subscription automatically adds new LLSA review modules at no charge - that's future annual articles, key point summaries, and exam prep questions along with AMA Category 1 CME credits, so you never have to scramble for annual LLSA exam review ever again.

Read the full article here.

Over 80 Topics Updated

Part of Med-Challenger's process is a continual review of changing guidelines and reported errata across all its specialized medical education courseware.  These routine updates allow us to fine-tune our materials to the most current standards and utility.  We also address all user feedback errata reports and attend to peer-reviewed corrective measures.  We are committed to our customer's long-term education investment and patronage.  Here are some examples of content updates and affected topic learning objectives: 

Wound Management: Closure Techniques - Discuss correct and incorrect procedures for closing wounds with wound tape

Neurological Assessment - Describe the cranial nerve screening examination for patients without neurologic complaint

Electrical and Lightning Injuries - Discuss fluid resuscitation in an individual following a lightning strike

Headache: Initial Approach - List the interpretation pitfalls of various patterns of headaches, Review features and management of cluster headaches

Drug Allergy - Outline the treatment for angioedema

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - List the classification criteria for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Urinary Retention - Discuss the statistically most likely etiology of benign urinary retention in men

Overuse Syndrome - Differentiate an overuse syndrome from a septic joint

Acute Pelvic Pain in Women - List life-threatening obstetric-gynecological pathologies that may be present in a female of child-bearing age with abdominal pain

Platform Enhancements for Institutions Using "Favorites" in Custom Exams

One of the unique features Med-Challenger provides to institutional programs in the ability to create assignable and trackable custom exams using Med-Challenger content or their own (or even blend the two).  In 2020, we added a "Favorites" feature where users could identify favorite questions for later use in custom exam creation.  This ability became very popular for both individual users and our group program faculty clients. 

Our institutional clients will be happy to know we've integrated "favorites" into their custom exam assignment abilities and other tools useful for improving exam scores and graduation rates. 

For more information about Institutional Distance Learning Programs, click here or call 1-800-676-0822.

Plus, bonus options on select products.

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2021 Board Review Courses and FREE Question Banks

All of our board review courses have been updated for 2021 exams.  Get 100 questions free, just for signing up.

We're working closely with each specialty board to ensure our products are applicable and effective for newer MOC processes, such as ABEM's MyEMCert and other specialized changes to continuing certification requirements.  

If you're not a Med-Challenger member yet, create a free Med-Challenger account When you do, you'll receive a FREE 100-question board review question bank with 5 FREE CME credits.

2021 State-Required CME Course

State CME Course - State CME Requirements Course

We continue to provide the best-selling State CME Requirements course online.  The course covers requirements across all 50 states and provides AMA Category 1 CME credits.

Recent state CME updates include topics on human trafficking, prescribing controlled substances, and more state CME topics required for 2021.

Our State-Required CME course is included in all PRO Bundles.

New 2021 CME Courses

Medical Cannabis CME Course - Volume 1
Resuscitation Center CME course - Resuscitation CME requirements on airway, ventilation and resuscitation
Risk Management CME Course for Practitioners - Law for Doctors CME Course from Med-Challenger Medical Education
We've expanded our Library by adding several hard-to-find CME courses. 

You can start a free trial of any course in our Store.

If you already own a course and would like to UPGRADE your account holdings to include additional products, or upgrade to a PRO "everything in your specialty" bundle (at your best price) contact us or call 1-800-676-0822.

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