New Content Updates from Med-Challenger, January 2021

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Content Updates from Med-Challenger Medical Education: January 2021

Content Updates: January 2021

Med-Challenger Content Updates include 2021 Board Review, New CME Courses, and Free Board Review Question Banks

Med-Challenger has introduced all new 2021 board review courses and several new CME courses for physicians, nurses, PA's and more.  These new 2021 CME content updates include fast-changing medical topics, new maintenance of certification processes, and other hard-to-find CME course topics.   

One of the best aspects of having a Med-Challenger online medical education account is the ongoing content quality and career convenience our products and services provide to physicians, nurses, PAs and students - not for just one, pressing exam - but for all the ongoing CME requirements clinicians need to satisfy every year of their careers.  With Med-Challenger, clinicians save time, money, and stress every year regarding your personal MOC and CME requirements by never having to find or re-buy courses or resources over and over.  Here's a quick rundown of recent highlights.  

New COVID-19 Information and Treatment Guidelines

Med-Challenger has been producing COVID-19 CME content since the virus first appeared.

Recent COVID-19 continuing education information includes:

  • Management of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 in Pregnancy
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations (*latest addition)

*COVID-19 Vaccinations covers the following:

  • Identify the immune response to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and compare it to the immune response of the other 4 most common vaccine models.
  • Explain the fate of the mRNA after an mRNA vaccine is injected into a host.
  • Discuss responses to the fears around the fact that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines deliver genetic material into a person’s cells and uses the cell’s machinery to manufacture viral antigenic protein.
  • State the most important talking points suggested by the CDC for educating various audiences about the novel mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.
  • Describe the administration protocol for mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.
  • Explain the interchangeability of the various COVID-19 vaccines and the co-administration of a COVID-19 and other vaccines (e.g. the flu vaccine).
  • Discuss vaccination of persons with documented prior COVID-19 infection.
  • Review the special COVID-19 vaccination rules for 2 specific subgroups (asymptomatic people currently in quarantine after a known exposure and people who recently received a passive antibody infusion for active COVID-19 illness) in various settings (community setting and long-term care/homeless/correctional facilities).
  • State the CDC’s Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination recommendations for immunocompromised patients, those with pre-existing conditions, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women.
  • Discuss various aspects of post-vaccination logistics, such as routine post-vaccination antipyretic and analgesic prophylaxis, patient observation, onset of immunity, and later interpretation of SARS-CoV-2 tests in vaccinated individuals.

All of the these topics are now inside Med-Challenger FM, IM, EM, FNP, ENP, PA, and Urgent Care.

We are currently working on an expanded COVID-19 CME course.  Stay tuned.

2021 Board Review Courses and FREE Question Banks

All of our board review courses have been updated for 2021 exams.  Get 100 questions free, just for signing up.

We're working closely with each specialty board to ensure our products are applicable and effective for newer MOC processes, such as ABEM's MyEMCert and other specialized changes to continuing certification requirements.  

If you're not a Med-Challenger member yet, create a free Med-Challenger account When you do, you'll receive a FREE 100-question board review question bank with 5 FREE CME credits.

2021 State-Required CME Course

State CME Course - State CME Requirements Course

We continue to provide the best-selling State CME Requirements course online.  The course covers requirements across all 50 states and provides AMA Category 1 CME credits.

Recent state CME updates include topics on human trafficking, prescribing controlled substances, and more state CME topics required for 2021.

Our State-Required CME course is included in all PRO Bundles.

New 2021 CME Courses

Medical Cannabis CME Course - Volume 1
Resuscitation Center CME course - Resuscitation CME requirements on airway, ventilation and resuscitation
Risk Management CME Course for Practitioners - Law for Doctors CME Course from Med-Challenger Medical Education
We've expanded our Library by adding several hard-to-find CME courses. 

You can start a free trial of any course in our Store.

If you already own a course and would like to UPGRADE your account holdings to include additional products, or upgrade to a PRO "everything in your specialty" bundle (at your best price) contact us or call 1-800-676-0822.

Over 130 Topics Updated

Part of Med-Challenger's process is a continual review of changing guidelines and reported errata across all its specialized medical education courseware.  These routine updates allow us to fine-tune our materials to the most current standards and utility.  We also address all user feedback errata reports and attend to peer-reviewed corrective measures.  We are committed to our customer's long-term education investment and patronage.  Select topic-based content updates include: 


Signs, Symptoms, and Presentations

  • Chest Pain

Cardiovascular Disorders

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes - Diagnosis and Challenges
  • Dysrhythmias/Conduction Defects
  • Non-ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes - Special Patient Groups

Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Appendicitis
  • Pancreatitis

Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

  • Nose Infection and Inflammation
  • Throat and Soft Tissue Neck - Medical Disorders
  • Eye Infections and other Ophthalmologic Disorders

Traumatic Disorders

  • Trauma - Multiple and Blast Injuries
  • Orthopedic Injuries - Cervical Spine

Environmental Disorders

  • Marine Animal Envenomation and Injuries
  • High Altitude Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders (Non-Traumatic)

  • Deep Soft Tissue Infections

Systemic Infectious Disorders

  • Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
  • AIDS and HIV Infection
  • Bacterial Infections - MRSA, VRE, ESBL

Toxicologic Disorders

  • Opiate Toxicity

Nervous System Disorders

  • Stroke - Epidemiology and Presentation

Renal and Urogenital Disorders

  • Nephrolithiasis

Airway, Ventilation, and Resuscitation

  • Trauma Resuscitation

Psychobehavioral Disorders

  • Emergency Psychiatric Evaluation

Allergy and Immunology

  • Food Allergy
  • Drug Allergy
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions
  • The Immunocompromised/Solid-Organ Transplant Patient

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult
  • Dysrhythmias/Conduction Defects
  • Endocarditis
  • Hypertension

Child and Adolescent Care

  • Disease Prevention

Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Biliary Tract Disease
  • Small Intestinal Disease
  • Stomach or Duodenum

Eye Ear, Nose, and Throat

  • Otologic Signs, Symptoms, Presentations

Women’s Health and Maternity Care

  • Uterine Disorders


  • Water and Electrolyte Balance

Respiratory Disorders

  • Lower Respiratory Tract Infections


  • Cerebrovascular Disease

Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

  • Disorders of Calcium Metabolism and Bone
  • Hypothalamic Disorders


  • Esophageal Disease
  • Small Intestinal Disease


  • Auto-Immune Collagen Vascular Disorders
  • Auto-Immune Systemic Disorders

Infectious Disease

  • Parasitic Infections


  • Non-Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Disorders

 Medical Oncology

  • Complications of Cancer and its Treatment
  • Endocrine Tumors and Endocrine Manifestations of Tumors


  • Chronic Kidney Disease

Cardiovascular Disorders

  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Congestive Heart Failure

Neurologic Disorders

  • Cerebrovascular Disease

Blood and Neoplastic Disorders

  • Leukocyte Disorders

Infectious Diseases

  • Soft Tissue Infections

Adolescent Medicine and Gynecology

  • Male Pubertal Development

Respiratory Disorders

  • Extrapulmonary/Heart Failure
  • Sleep Apnea/Respiratory Diagnostic Testing
  • Lower Airway
  • Upper Airway

Complicated Pregnancy

  • Obstetrical Ultrasound: Fetal Anomalies 
  • Post-Term Pregnancy 


  • Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

Platform Enhancements

In addition to content updates, our engineers are refining our platform utilities on a constant basis.  Moore's law doesn't seem to be going anywhere and it's a curse and a blessing.  The best technologies always grow outdated, but new advances in processing power allow us to updates code and features allow our users to work faster and more efficiently.

Other enhancements include:

Plus, bonus options on select products.

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